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Machine Men - Scars & Wounds (10/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Dynamic Arts Records
Playing time: 45:33
Band homepage: Machine Men


  1. Against The Freaks
  2. The Gift
  3. The Beginning Of The End
  4. Silver Dreams >mp3
  5. Man In Chains
  6. Betrayed By Angels >mp3
  7. Victim
  8. Scars & Wounds >mp3
Machine Men - Scars & Wounds

There I open a package with a single promo CD in it and my first thought: Shit, Finns – looks pretty Gothic – yawn! But what Ralf digs from the package is a hammer!!! Nothing Gothic, pure Power Metal it is that reaches my ear. Especially the vocalist brings me to my knees – he sounds like Bruce Dickinson after a refreshing treatment..


MACHINE MEN started as MAIDEN-Cover-Band and were only formed in 1998. The first demo was recorded one year after. After that followed several gigs and at the end of the same year they entered the studio again to record demo number 2. 2001 Dynamic Arts signed our Finnish friends, resulting in a 5 track MCD. This already received great reviews and the Song “Men Inside The Machine” was featured on the “Rock Hard” Unerhört compilation. So they got into the studio again and voila “Scars & Wounds”, the first full album was created.


This album hopefully will hit the scene as it entered my heart. The song writing, the arrangements – the very best. Each song a hit! And (apart from the vocals!) they don’t even sound that much like IRON MAIDEN. I rather am remnded of the two last solo works of Mr. Dickinson. The two albums “Accident Of Birth“ and “Chemical Wedding“ I even deem better than anything that MAIDEN had done after “Somewhere In Time”. And that could also be the case for MACHINE MEN. Everything fits here, production, songs, depths – I know that I am repeating myself…For me already now the highlight of the year! The best newcomer of 2004 is already set: MACHINE MEN! (Online April 6, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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