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God Forbid - Gone Forever (8,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Thrash Metal / Metalcore
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 41:42
Band homepage: God Forbid


  1. Force-Fed
  2. Antihero >mp3
  3. Better Days >mp3
  4. Precious Lie
  5. Washed-Out World
  6. Living Nightmare
  7. Soul Engraved
  8. Gone Forever
  9. Judge The Blood
God Forbid - Gone Forever

“Reject The Sickness” was just ok and their last release had potential, but this CD should be their break through on so many levels. This is not only the most mature in terms of music composition, but the playing has gotten tighter and heavier. Right off the bat, “'Force-Fed” combines Thrash riffs that contain hints of melody and catchiness, but at the same time assault all of your senses that will leave you begging for more.


The guitar work that Doc and his brother Dallas provide is absolutely slick and sick all in the same breath. Bryon's vokills do sound like the millions of other bands out there that are doing the Metalcore scene, but, he adds harmonies and clean vocals that you wouldn't expect from this band and it sets them apart from everyone else. “Antihero” contains 80's guitar riffs that are catchy and easy to listen to. ARCH ENEMY would come to mind except these guys are from the U.S.A.! The twin guitar leads and solos are powerful and memorable. Please don't make the mistake of thinking that just because these guys use plenty of melodies and catchy riffs that it will soften the blow. The answer is simply. Hell no!


It only shows the creative side of the band and shows you that they can go in many directions without confusing the listener and at the same time they expand their own horizons musically. “Better Days” was the first track I got to hear on their E.P. just a few weeks back before this release came out. I loved the song here and hoped that they would deliver on their next CD. I was proven correct. This is another unrelenting song that refuses to let go. What's crazy is that they use these crazy harmonies during the chorus that is just amazing at how clean the guys can sing if they really want to. “Precious Lie” will show you just where their influences come from. You will hear plenty of vintage TESTAMENT guitar riffs here, but the band is able to break free from sounding like a replica and they are able to go on their own path without looking back for a millisecond.


GOD FORBID has really nailed it here by incorporating everything that they know and put it to good use. They don't hold back and they give nothing less than 150%. This CD should appease Thrash fans, Metalcore fans and Metal maniacs all over the world. (Online April 8, 2004)

Joe Florez

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