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Maudlin Of The Well - Leaving Your Body Map (7,5/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Avantgarde Metal
Label: Dark Symphonies
Playing time: 61:00
Band homepage: Maudlin Of The Well


  1. Stone Of October’s Sobbing
  2. Gleam In Ranks
  3. Bizarre Flowers/A Violent Mist
  4.  (Interlude 3)
  5. The Curve That To An Angle Turn'D
  6. Sleep Is A Curse
  7. Riseth He, The Numberless
  8. Riseth He, The Numberless
  9.  (Interlude 4)
  10. Monstrously Low Tide
Maudlin Of The Well - Leaving Your Body Map

Mixing all sort of style, from Black Metal to Death and Prog, even some Jazz, this band leaves no one indifferent after a listen of their latest album, “Leaving Your Body Map”. In fact, this band is a “like it or hate it” case for sure. Some will call them geniuses; other will just think they are trying to only sound strange, without any other purposes. There is a danger in trying to sound original by using a lot of influences and genre and I’m pretty sure that this will sadly turn away attention of certain people from this strange, yet incredible and unique band.


I, for myself, think that they are geniuses; at least, they are trying to do something really original. What I like the most with them is that you never know when a heavy part or a soft part will come; always letting you guess what will happen next. A good example of that would be the 6 and 7 song of the CD, which starts as a soft jazzy track with clean male vocals and follows with a doomy to crazy black metal track with harsh screeching vocals. The guitar works on this CD is also an highlight, as you will be able to hear some crazy soloing here and there. What I also really like with MAUDLIN OF THE WELL is that they are able of creating some strange and chaotic atmosphere, while keeping a least some structure into their eclectic and diverse music.


But mainly why I gave a 7,5 to such an amount of work is because they sadly, even with all the effort put in the album, lose their focuses. So often you will be amazed by all the ideas thrown at you, but at the same time, you may wonder why they are not trying to do more “song oriented” stuff, which would have help give a flowing sense to the album. I don’t really enjoy the fact of having a long slow instrumental break just after some terrific Black Metal riffing. So I would like to warn even the fans of the band, that even though you enjoyed their first and second album, you may be strangely scared by their latest, as it transcend everything they have done so far


Along with ATROX, ARCTURUS and FORGOTTEN SILENCE to name a few are starting to make this Avant-Garde Metal scene more prominent. There is still work to do, but I’m pretty sure this style will soon be recognized at is own.


This music would be the perfect back ground for any scary nightmare you may have experiences in the past, or will have in the future. They have now changed their name for KAYOT DOT and although I didn’t hear their new material yet, I heard that they were less heavy, yet crazier then ever… to be continued! (Online April 9 2004)

Mathieu Chamberland

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