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Sabbat - History Of A Time To Come (10/10) - Great Britain - 1988/2000

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 49:53
Band homepage: -


  1. A Caution Tale
  2. Hosanna In Excelsis
  3. Behind The Crooked Cross
  4. Horned Is The Hunter
  5. I For An Eye
  6. For Those Who Died
  7. A Dad Man's Robe
  8. The Church Bizarre
Sabbat - History Of A Time To Come

SABBAT were founded 1985 in Nottingham and instantly called attention to them with their mix of Black (textual) and Thrash Metal (musical). 1988, they released their debut "History Of A Time To Come". A gothic image, complex, satanic verses and a pace that set new standards brought the band to the pinnacle of the English Metal acts. They played in front of 20,000 enthusiastic fans at Dynamo and became the standard bearer of British Thrash. Metal magazines worldwide were thrilled, and especially the charismatic singer Martin Walkyier terrified the Metal world with his invidious, barking voice, who later on founded the more prominent SKYCLAD after SABBAT had split up.


But let's get back to "History Of A Time To Come", the sanctuary of the occult Metal music. 8 pitch-black classics can be found on it, like "Hosanna In Excelsis", a song I'll never forget - for me it's something I'd like to hear on my's just not good if you are dead...or the song "For Those Who Died", that CRADLE OF FILTH covered, where they denounce the crimes of the Inquisition. SABBAT weren't as provoking as other Black Metal acts at that time, but you won't find such critical lyrics like on "Behind The Crooked Cross" in songs from CRADLE or DARKTHRONE...Martin is indeed a little poet and if you think about how much text the little Briton coughs out per song you can really be impressed!


"Dreamweaver" followed, an album that is a bit more complex but a masterpiece nonetheless. I don't know why, but after this album Martin left the band and founded SKYCLAD. The remaining released "Mourning Has Broken" afterwards, but which was a terrible piece and ultimately marked the end of SABBAT. (Online April 10, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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