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Various Artists - Honduras Rocks!! (-/10) - V/A - 2003

Genre: Various
Label: Costa Norte Records
Playing time: 59:29
Band homepage: -


  1. Aire (Khaoticos)
  2. Enough (Carla Dalida)
  3. Despierta (Zoom Granada)
  4. Al Tercer Dia De Sol (Tarot)
  5. Engraved (Roznamu)
  6. El Jardin (Origen Desconocido)
  7. Father Of The Night (G.O.D.)
  8. Dioses De Aire (Larva)
  9. Desde La Oscuridad (Delirium)
  10. Luna Llena (Guillermo Anderson)
  11. Danzando (Issa Molina)
  12. OjoSolCaracol (El Sol Caracol)
  13. Desillusion (Galel)
  14. Atmosfera Azul (Instinto)
Various Artists - Honduras Rocks!!

Apparently Honduras rocks, at least one hour long! After having reviewed Melodic Rockers TAROT a year ago (basically almost exactly to the day), I now have a 14 tracks sampler with the title “Honduras Rocks!!” (please note the two (!) exclamation marks) to give us an overview over the scene of this Latin American country.


As usual the quality and the musical direction of the bands contained are very different, at first I had thought to mention each artist, then I had my doubts and wanted to combine it all into styles. In the end I decided to go the middle way and talk about a few of them etc. So I will stop blabbering and go “in medias res”.


From a strict Metal standpoint we only get two bands that really fit in there, G.O.D. and DELIRIUM. The first are rather Thrash Metal, with some double bass and semi aggressive vocals, while DELIRIUM are more modern, yet not too much, and altogether also pass the test.


Next up we’d have Rock that you can also digest as tolerant Metalhead. KHAOTICOS give us a bit faster, unusual Hard Rock with their own vibe in the verses, then the easy going Melodic Rock of TAROT, Eighties Hard Rock by LARVA, same for INSTINTO, ROZNAMU finally remind me of American College Rock.


The rest is between Girlie Pop Rock, funky Rock (ORIGEN DESCONOCIDO, sound quite good, also thanks to the quite present guitars) and not at all fitting pure Latino sounds, for themselves maybe quite good, but so not fitting (Guillermo Anderson).


Altogether a good thing as different bands from Honduras can actually present themselves to a wider audience and some songs are also well digestible for “us”, still no rating! (Online April 11, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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