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Night In Gales - Nailwork (7,5/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Thrash Metal / Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 44:04
Band homepage: Night In Gales


  1. Nailwork >mp3
  2. Blades To Laughter
  3. Wormsong
  4. All Scissors Smile
  5. How To Eat A Scythe
  6. Black Velvet
  7. Filthfinger >mp3
  8. The Tenmiletongue
  9. Hearselights >mp3
  10. Down The Throat
  11. Quicksilverspine
Night In Gales - Nailwork

Unsigned at the moment Germany’s NIGHT IN GALES were on the right path when they were on Nuclear Blast. If they wanted to and if the label played their cards right the band could’ve been riding with the European Thrash/Death Metal elite.


NIGHT IN GALES used to play Melodic Death Metal in the vein of early IN FLAMES, on “Nailwork” they move on and burn some of the bridges they crossed with “Thunderbeast” and “Towards The Twilight”. The band’s third album is a blasting old school mix of Death, Thrash and Speed Metal with Rock’n’Roll attitudes, combined with the sickest of death screams and some clean singing, mostly during the happy choruses.


The band wastes no time and get right down to business in the first five poisonshows (roughly translated from NIGHT IN GALES language to traditional English it means “songs”) where every minute is a battle between the Basten brothers trying to compete each other out. Highlights of the album are songs like “Filthfinger”, “The Tenmiletongue”, “Wormsong” and the excellent closer “Quicksilverspine”, even the Alannah Myles cover “Black Velvet” sounds good which I didn’t expect to be honest.


If people complain about NIGHT IN GALES, they usually aim at Björn #Goosses vocals. Some say they’re too extreme others think he can’t sing properly. He’s not the perfect vocalist I’ll give them that much but I think he’s good and has an admirable range. He continues to use many vocal types, his screams are very intense, his growls deep and the clean singing is good I guess; further advancements are more than welcomed but it’s good for a first try you know.


The lyrical themes have always been very weird and mysterious around this band. I suspect there’s some hard drugs involved when Björn writes his lyric, I can’t picture a person just writing stuff like this on any given day. The Basten brothers keep writing excellent Thrash Metal riffs and technical solos. Hands down for the rhythm section as well, drummer Christian Bass and bass player Tobias Bruchmann have no problems in keeping up with the technical level set by the two guitarists.


The sound is rough and thrashy. The guitars are fat but the drums could’ve been better mixed, it works fine though given the old school characteristics of this album. Unfortunately the bass is really behind the mix in some places, it’s there but you can barely hear it.


It’s not the original masterpiece you’ve been searching for the past two years, there’s nothing that will shock you here (except for the lyrics) but if you want good Metal music (what else would you be wanting if you’re reading this site everyday?) “Nailwork” is a fitting album for you and other people who want their Thrash Metal action packed. (Online April 14, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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