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Abigail - Forever Street Metal Bitch (3/10) - Japan - 2004

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Drakkar Productions
Playing time: 31:00
Band homepage: -


  1. Violence, Kill And Destruction
  2. Hellfire And Damnation
  3. Damned In Hell
  4. Black Metal Thunder
  5. Bitch! We Gonna Kill You
  6. We’re The Pussy Hunter
  7. Shooting Master
  8. Hey Slut!
  9. Change!
  10. Struggle To Death
  11. War 666
Abigail - Forever Street Metal Bitch

When I received this promo with its „silicon snail“ on the cover, I should have known it. When I read the song titles on the back, my impression got stronger and stronger and when I listened to the first song, it all became clear. ABIGAIL from Japan are a totally crazy band! Over here, the guys Yasuyuki (bass/vocals), Youhei (drums) and Asuka (guitar) would be divided in two categories. One group would say, that they are stereotyped, sexist Posers while the other one would call them culty. Personally, I prefer the first opinion but you can’t really deny the second one.


I have never heard so much the words „kill“, „death“, „hell“, “fire” and “Satan” as on “Forever Street Metal Bitch”, the second album of the Japanese. MANOWAR would take proud in ABIGAIL. The Yakuza (Japanese mafia), like they call themselves, play a mixture of VENOM, HELLHAMMER, old SODOM or BEWITCHED. As you can imagine, the whole thing is hold in an intentioned lower level. The sound reminds of earlier 80s, what’s not bad. But the vocals of Yasuyuki are way too mixed in the background as its sounds just horrible. This man screams so harshly that in comparison, a certain Dani of CRADLE OF FILTH rather sounds like a news anchorman. On the other side, due to the lyrics content, it’s not so terrible to not understand something. I have rarely heard such stereotyped stuff. A small sample: “Death, Kill, Blood will flow, I’m on daydream from Hell, This is Bloody War, Heaven’s on Fire you can hear’em” (“Violence, Kill and Destruction”)…., or take this: “Comon $5 street girl, suck my dick, drink my sperma…”.(“We’re The Pussy Hunter”)… and so on. Is such necessary? That’s really not interesting for anyone, isn’t it. Maybe, only the half of it is seriously meant but we’re not in the kindergarten anymore, are we? Another weak point is the not present variety of „Forever Street Metal Bitch“. I listened to it so much but I can still not make out only one single song. The only original element in this music is the use of a pretty cheesy keyboard or hammond organ in two songs. Some of the pretty hectic and fast riffs are good but you have always the feeling, that you’ve heard this all before.


So, what shall I tell you more! ABIGAIL aren’t original in any way and they aren’t that, the Metal world have ever awaited. They aren’t my cup of tea, though I’m already someone who’s very open-minded. Friends of VENOM or of the other mentioned bands may find something suitable with them, but all others should stay away. Whether they are cult or not is your decision. Two points, I give them for single appearing good riffs and the weird organ. Add one for the exotic bonus.


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Patrick Weiler

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