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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - STAMPIN’ GROUND - A New Darkness Upon Us

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Stampin’ Ground - A New Darkness Upon Us (8,5/10) - Great Britain - 2003

Genre: Hardcore
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 47:20
Band homepage: Stampin’ Ground


  1. A New Darkness Upon Us - Intro
  2. Don't Need A Reason To Hate
  3. Behind The Light
  4. Killer Of Society
  5. Dead From The Neck Up
  6. The Cage
  7. Bear The Scars >mp3
  8. Betrayal Has A Face
  9. Pain Is Weakness (Leaving The Body)
  10. Unmarked Grave
  11. Ashes To Scatter
  12. Mantra Of A Dying World? - Outro
Stampin’ Ground - A New Darkness Upon Us

Formed in Cheltenham, England, in 1995, STAMPIN’ GROUND have reached the pinnacle of their careers since the release of their self titled debut EP. “A New Darkness Upon Us“, being their first album in three years has proved to be well worth the wait. Recently on tour with bands like CHIMAIRA and ARCH ENEMY it would be safe to say that STAMPIN’ GROUND would be without a doubt crowd favourites with their fast paced hard hitting style of Heavy Metal.


With a style that would compare to the best of Hardcore bands like HATEBREED, POISON THE WELL and WALLS OF JERICHO, any fan of Metal will love the SLAYER inspired guitar riffs from Anthony Mobray and Scott Atkins. Hard hitting right from the get go this latest CD from STAMPIN’ GROUND has been a permanent fixture in my stereo since I received it. Personal favourites on this album have to be the fast paced “Bear The Scars“ along with the newly re-recorded “Pain Is Weakness (Leaving The Body)“, which was originally appeared on the limited edition split mini-CD with KNUCKLEDUST. I have yet to hear the original but will definitely be looking for this CD. STAMPIN’ GROUND along with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and LAMB OF GOD would be for sure a dream show for me in terms of a line-up I would love to see together. “A New Darkness Upon Us” has to be one of the top albums that I have received this year and is a definite must have.


Since their inception back in 1995 I have to say that the tracks I have been able to hear from the beginning to now have me thinking that STAMPIN’ GROUND will definitely become a name that all Metal fans will be able to recognize in the years to come. Its been a long time since I have seen a band progress through hard work and determination to this level and be able to butt heads with the big boys of the industry. “A New Darkness Upon Us” is unfortunately at this time the only CD from STAMPIN’ GROUND that I own. After hearing this release I did do a fair amount of research on previous releases that leads me to believe that there will be several more STAMPIN’ GROUND CDs added to my collection. The following quote sums up this bands success in its entirety, ”In an age where hype and industry politics produce bands of unworthy overnight success, STAMPIN’ GROUND are the antidote; the backlash that proves once and for all that it is the extreme music fans themselves that decide who succeeds and who fails and no one else. Buy this CD, you will not be disappointed. (Online April 15, 2004)

Greg Manley

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