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F.O.B. - Follow The Instructions (5/10) - Czech Republic - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: I.F.A. Records
Playing time: 32:20
Band homepage: F.O.B.


  1. Neverending Projection >mp3
  2. The Mask
  3. Whiteness
  4. Reality
  5. Instrumental – In Progress
  6. Time Runs So Slowly
  7. The Horse Blow Job
  8. The Judge
  9. Emotional Sadomasochistic
  10. Indian Fall (Instrumental)
F.O.B. - Follow The Instructions

In their mother country, F.O.B. are not unknown for a long time and the history of this band goes back to the year 1995. Beyond the Czech frontiers, their debut album has to serve for a bigger importance and to increase the international fanbase. If they can achieve that, will be shown in the future. The music on “Follow The Instruction” is described as “Schizo Blast Death Metal” what circumscribes the real content only insufficiently.


They rather weave between Thrash and Death Metal and they look for the right recipe to deliver both styles in unity. That’s achieved more or less and so, a certain boredom develops, but that’s not concerning the musicianship of the three musicians. 15 years ago, F.O.B. would have offset some points with a certain exotic bonus but today, the listener expects much more. This already begins with the weak production, which never displays pressure and power and so, the slightly sterile sound nerves already after a few tracks. On the other side, Jiri Benes (guitar und vocals), Tomas Kotrba (bass und vocals) und Martin Volny (drums, samples und vocals) have it all concerning their technical abilities as they are really good musicians.


But what counts this when they deliver hackneyed riffs, which are furthermore indiscriminately joined together and good ideas remain in the darkness. And so, their fame will be furthermore limited to their home country and only some Die Hard fans will buy this album. All others should wait and hope that they have a better feeling and the right sound on the follow-up to avoid the failures of “Follow The Instructions”. It’s also not helping, that they cover the KREATOR song “People Of The Lie” of the killer album “Coma Of Souls” (1990) as final track.


At exactly that time, “Follow The Instructions” would have had possibly more success but today, it’s to less and there are also no culty compositions on it. Sorry, there is much room for improvement and I hope for a better future. (Online April 17, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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