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Lizards, The - The Lizards Rule (7,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Rock
Label: Hyperspace Records
Playing time: 52:19
Band homepage: Lizards, The


  1. Grip Of Love >mp3
  2. It’s Alright
  3. Hungry World >mp3
  4. The Battle Rages On
  5. Wheel Of Fortune
  6. Hard Luck Messiah
  7. Burnin’ Time >mp3
  8. Pay The Band
  9. The Rats And Us
  10. Kingdom Come
Lizards, The - The Lizards Rule

Classic Rock from The United States of America including a really impressive array of first class musicians which self-evidently has a positive effect on the high quality of the second output of the LIZARDS. Besides several guest musicians it’s especially the main actors who impress by their performances. Firstly there are the two founders of the label Hyperspace Records, Randy Pratt (6-string bass & harp) and Patrick Klein (guitar and backing vocals), as well as ex-SIR LORD BALTIMORE vocalist John Garner (vocals & percussion) and ex-RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH and BLUE OYSTER CULT drummer Bobby Rondinelli.


This company stands for really good Rock finding its roots in the 70’s and transforming them competently into presence. Even though this kind of music doesn’t exactly meet my taste and thus the background is rather poor, I have to admit that the compositions on “The Lizards Rule” are absolutely convincing. The comparison to the masterly LIVING COLOUR goes slightly lame, but I think there are parallels and small things they have in common. No matter if they’re rocking in a funky, bluesy or simply solid way, there are many interesting things to find on the second work of the LIZARDS and in contrast to some dusted and still active rock band from the seventies, the quartet holds the trumps in its hand. Although the influences are not new they manage to keep variation at a high level and to remain distant from uninspired uniform stuff you’ve already heard thousands of times before.


Of course, add to this the musical proficiency of the musicians which amazes you again and again and which could serve quite some newcomer bands as inspiration. The above-mentioned guest musicians refine the sound with wonderful cello and violin sounds and add to the variation and multiplicity of the songs. The crystal clear yet powerful production as well as the very colorful cover do the rest and round off “The Lizards Rule” properly. Even an old Metalhead like me is completely excited about this album and it provides a kind variation in Heavy Metal everyday life. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be, isn’t it? (Online April 18, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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