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69 tablatures for Scorpions

Scorpions - Lovedrive (10/10) - Germany - 1979

Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label: EMI Music
Playing time: 36:52
Band homepage: Scorpions


  1. Loving You Sunday Morning
  2. Another Piece Of Meat
  3. Always Somewhere
  4. Coast To Coast
  5. Can't Get Enough
  6. Is There Anybody There
  7. Lovedrive
  8. Holiday
Scorpions - Lovedrive

In 1979, “Lovedrive” was the first album after the departure of lead guitar player Uli John Roth, who had influenced the sound of the group very much until that point. It took a long time until the band found a suitable substitution. Finally, Matthias Jabs of the band LADY got the job. But the peace lasted not for a long time. Rudolf Schenker’s brother, Michael Schenker, appeared in the studios while the recordings of “Lovedrive” and handled some solos in some songs. So, Matthias Jabs left soon the band and after Michael Schenker unexceptedly left the band again, Jabs reentered the band and he is still today a fix part of the line-up.


Surprisingly, you never make out the turbulences around the band on this album. All eight songs deliver solid up to high quality music and act as a musical unity. Especially the ballads “Always Somewhere” and “Holiday” are great composed, full of emotion and belong today to the greatest Rock classics. But also the cool opener “Loving You Sunday Morning” or the jaunty instrumental “Coast To Coast” belong to music history! “Is There Anybody There”, however, is the greatest moment on this disc, it somehow sounds like Reggae but it’s still pretty great... timeless, so to say.


That 90% of the songs again circle around the topic sex isn’t furthermore to explain – that’s nothing new on the SCORPS. Okay, later they also wrote some songs about doves and peace. The cover artwork is also for a today’s view pretty culty – I was ever amused about the guy, who sticks his bubblegum on the tits of a lady – something different, isn’t it?


This is a classic as well as “Animal Magnetism”, “Blackout” and “Love At First Sting”, where SCORPIONS had been on the top. (Online April 18, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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