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Nattefrost - Blood & Vomit (8,5/10) - Norway - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 40:31
Band homepage: -


  1. Ancient Devil Worshipping
  2. Sluts Of Hell
  3. Satanic Victory
  4. Universal Funeral
  5. The Art Of Spiritual Purification
  6. Sanctum 666
  7. Whore (Filthy Whore)
  8. Mass-Destruction
  9. Nattefrost Takes A Piss
  10. The Gate Of Nanna
  11. Still Reaching For Hell
Nattefrost - Blood & Vomit

It had to come at some time or other and when a musician has taken the decision to break free from the compulsions of a band, then he should do a solo album and unleash all the dammed up fantasies. Nattefrost, at the same time front berserk of Norwegian cult Black Metallians CARPATHIAN FOREST, tries to walk on solo paths without neglecting his main mission. With the branch that is simply titled NATTEFROST he throws furious Black Metal (what else) onto the already intimidated mankind.


On the one hand the old Black Metal guru bows down to old heroes like VENOM, BATHORY and CELTIC FROST but on the other hand he makes the bloody morning star of Nordic Black Metal spin above the heads of his disciples. With “Total Necro and Narrow Minded Black Metal” he himself gives the best description of his mental outpours transformed into tones. Raw rush including a brutal grater voice is the recipe which is still valid in 2004 and, coming out of the pen of a true professional, still provides frosty pastime. “Blood & Vomit” supplies every villain that avoids sunlight with the right acoustic accompaniment and turns even the most beautiful day in spring to pitch black night. The old school-like “Sluts Of Hell” or “Universal Funeral” which is endowed with a strange chorus are good examples. “The Art Of Spiritual Purification” presumes a healthy stomach and those who were already made puke by CARNIVORE’s “Jack Daniel’s And Pizza” from the legendary though not uncontested album “Retaliation” should simply skip the first seconds. However, the introduction to this song goes perfectly with the album title. Your Health!


But „Sanctum 666“ or „Mass-Destruction“ (with suitable war-like firing intro) whose title is quite inelegant in times like these start a horrible vast fire, too. As guests, the CARPATHIAN FOREST buddies Nordavind and Vrangsinn (also member of HATE PULSE) are to find on “Blood & Vomit”, which suggested itself. The funny “Nattefrost Takes A Piss” proves that they don’t take themselves as serious as some fans smeared with Corpsepaint believe. Which musician records his urinating and then publishes it on a tone preserve. Now, guess who? However the album consists exclusively of compositions by Nattefrost. Well, almost, because with “The Gate Of Nanna” he puts a cover version on the pitch black disc. No one less than the cult band BEHERIT released this clot of hate on their “Drawing Down The Moon” (1993) album which is legendary until today and so the circles within the scene close themselves again. What was good for your ear years ago still has to leave its traces today and that’s what it does. No question, and thus this “foreign body” fits perfectly into the playlist that consists of eleven tracks.


With “Still Reaching For Hell”, a closing scary collage of sounds including an ending sequence of marsh music the all-encompassing motto is once again presented clear as daylight and it makes expectations of the CARPATHIAN FOREST work “Skjend Hans Lik” arise, which will be released these days and where the trace of devastation will certainly be continued. For now, NATTEFROST serves as an excellent bridge to this unholy date. Pure Black Metal, just like it should sound. (Online April 19, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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