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Occult - Elegy For The Weak (6/10) - Netherlands - 2004

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Karmageddon Media
Playing time: 40:33
Band homepage: Occult


  1. Disturbing The Dead
  2. Nuclear Torment
  3. Nocturnal Predator >mp3
  4. Feel The Blade
  5. Expire
  6. Warbeast
  7. Obsessed By The Grave
  8. Slaughtering The Pigs >mp3
  9. Reapers Call
  10. Slut Of Sodom
  11. Until The Battle
Occult - Elegy For The Weak

I’ve been listening to the latest Thrash attack from Holland’s OCCULT for a while now and once again I’m reminded of why things continue to stay the same in this field. Normally I like a Thrash Metal CD (who doesn’t like Thrash Metal? Alex, I’m looking at you he he) regardless of how unoriginal it may be but when things stay one one-dimensional for too long I loose interest.


Through the nineties I’ve run into this band accidentally several times. A lot of people recommended them but I just never got to the point of checking their music. When I got the promo for their new album I was eager to hear it and had high expectations but alas I’m writing this review now with a sense of downfall in my mind.


Ok, here goes. “Elegy For The Weak” gets to the point, eleven raging punches of Blackened Thrash Metal are ready to hit you with full force. OCCULT aren’t what you would call a “Jack of all trades band”, these guys know what they want and execute with brutal intensity. Every song is tight and barbaric but the lyrics are downright unpleasant, it’s an evil world they’re living in and you thought NAGLFAR’s “Sheol” had apocalyptic lyrics ha ha. The songs are good but I had expected much more from the band. “Expire” is the single tune that has something different. It’s sad, as it’s not even a real song; it’s more of an interlude where you hear someone walking through a pile of skulls and skeletal bones, maybe the bands personal CHAMBER of pain?


The album was produced by Andy Classen (CALLENISH CIRCLE, DISBELIEF, ROTTING CHRIST, DEW-SCENTED) at Stage One Studios; you know how he likes to have a raw and penetrating sound don’t you? This sound is well suited for “Elegy For The Weak” as the album is all about brutality, fast paces, gothic graveyards, coffins and other undead topics.


There are many, many bands above the Dutch quartet simply because they’re being more adventurous. This album only offers a round of average Thrash Metal with blackish vocals, there’s nothing more and I need more. OCCULT are one of those bands who won’t compromise anything for their blasphemous lusts, so if you’re up for some well played devilish Thrash Metal, this one’s for you. (Online April 22, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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