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Inveracity - Circle Of Perversion (4/10) - Greece - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unmatched Brutality
Playing time: 28:10
Band homepage: Inveracity


  1. Savagely Beaten
  2. Repuled By Vaginal Reek
  3. Fistfuck Sodomy
  4. Defloration
  5. Unconscious
  6. Ejaculation Over Mutilation
  7. Blood Of Impurity
  8. Compulsive Degradation
  9. She Died In My Arms
  10. Eleven
  11. Multiple Homicide
Inveracity - Circle Of Perversion

Booo, I scream booo. And why? This is bad!


OK, where to start? The drumming. Technically okay, nothing special, but the tone is. What is that supposed to be? Doesnít sound like a drum kit. Or did someone forget to stretch the snare? Well, the drums sound more like a table collection than a set.


The string section is low profile, grinding Death stuff through all the songs, which never gets spectacular in any way even once. Solos (of course) are not there either. Once there is some variety to be found, either the stringers or the drummer stop to play. Even my imaginary two year old daughter could have come up with that.


The vocals are exactly as cookie monster as expected. The singer grunts around and just like the rest of the band sinks like a lead duck into mediocrity.


The lyrics are women denouncing, brutal and bloody, which is nothing new. The cover with the woman, whose throat is getting slit, didnít exactly promise anything else. Canít shock, but is too dumb to laugh about.


Conclusion: Here we get Grind-y Death from the shelf, which is so mediocre that it could not be worse. I really cannot imagine that anybody could really like this. Only real plus: the album is so short that this review didnít waste too much time. (Online April 23, 2004)


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