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Thronaeon - Godhate (8/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Forensick Music
Playing time: 34:56
Band homepage: Thronaeon


  1. Oblivion >mp3
  2. Heading Inwards
  3. In Loathing (For Your God) >mp3
  4. To Forever Be
  5. Laid To Waste
  6. Genocide In Grace
  7. Divine Soul >mp3
  8. Blackwinged
  9. On The Highest Throne
Thronaeon - Godhate

THRONAEON have now changed their name to GODHATE, but this might cause some confusion as the new album "Godhate" is being released under the name THRONAEON, however that is of little importance to the music on offer on this album.


For fans of DEICIDE styled Brutal Death Metal this is right up your street as THRONAEON play a fantastic blend of classic DEICIDE that still sounds passionate and convincing, a sound that all recent DEICIDE, bar the fantastically redeeming "Scars Of The Crucifix", has been missing.


It seems to me that quite a few Swedish Death Metal bands I'm reviewing these days are changing playing a style more commonly found on the far side of the world, yet where as many are just imitators THRONAEON are much more. Fair enough there is very little in terms of originality and absolutely no genre expanding re-defining moments, yet what we have here is pure simple aggressive honesty. Death Metal played the way it was supposed to be.


The guitar riffs are brilliant and very catchy and the production makes them razor sharp but still dirty. Vocally the band are very much in Glen Benton's territory only the make less use of the dual vocal approach. The vocals themselves however are delivered fine. The drumming is nothing amazing or overly special yet there are some nice interesting subtleties. They do however lay down perfect foundations to be built upon by the other instruments.


For me this is a very worthy and very enjoyable listen and any DEICIDE fan should thoroughly enjoy this album. However you must ask yourself do you really need another DEICIDE when the original will always be king? (Online April 24, 2004)

Niall Kennedy

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