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Candlemass - Nightfall (9,5/10) - Sweden - 1987

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Active
Playing time: 46:37
Band homepage: Candlemass


  1. Gothic Stone
  2. The Well Of Souls
  3. Codex Gigas
  4. At The Gallows End
  5. Samarithan
  6. Marche Funebre
  7. Dark Are The Veils Of Death
  8. Mourners Lament
  9. Bewitched
  10. Black Candles
Candlemass - Nightfall

We write the year 1987. CANDLEMASS record their second album, titled "Nightfall", and with it a singer emerges on the scene, who should leave his mark on the sub-genre of Epic Power Doom like very few others: Jan Alfredo Marcolin, better known under his nickname Messiah.

Back then completely unknown he set new standards with his unique timbre (which in most cases you either love or hate) and turned into an absolutely integral element of the music of CANDLEMASS. Just as on the following two albums "Ancient Dreams" and "A Tale Of Creation", "Nightfall", too, features brilliant epic, very melodic Doom Metal, which time and again is loosened up with a few faster passages to avoid even the slightest traces of boredom and, of course, Marcolin's unique voice.

Despite the class of the songs off the debut "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" (the vocals just cannot reach Marcolin) and the two following albums, "Nightfall" for me still is the creative pinnacle of the Swedish Doom-legend. The guitars are ton-heavy and still conjure up beautiful melodies, over a slow-paced rhythm, which has a force that can hardly be surpassed and over this thrones the theatrical voice of the Messiah with his unmistakable timbre…

The track-list almost reads like a best-of of the folks around main song-writer Leif Edling: "The Well Of Souls", "Dark Are The Veils Of Death", "Mourners Lament", "Bewitched" and - THE monolith: "Samarithan". This track is my absolute favourite track in the genre of Doom Metal, with brilliant and grand melodies and structure, heaaaavy guitars and a vocal master-performance, just great!

With "Nightfall" CANDLEMASS have defined a genre and also put up the standard so high that it has not been reached by anybody within this genre to the very day, even other extraordinary artists like SOLITUDE AETURNUS, MEMORY GARDEN or SORCERER have not yet managed this!

Alexander Melzer

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