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Amputated/Leptotrichia - Split (7/10 / 8/10) - Great Britain/Belgium - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: I.B.D. Records
Playing time: 26:41
Band homepage: Amputated


     Leptotrichia - Enjoy The Slaughter

  1. Peg Out In Gastric Juice
  2. A Lost Lamb
  3. Surviving The Fourfold Fitted Fist Fuck
  4. Hail Blood Red Massacre

    Amputated - Up To Our Nuts In Guts
  5. Love 'em And Cleave 'em >mp3
  6. Amputated
  7. Morbid Mutilation
  8. Raped With A Jackhammer
  9. Semtex Enema
Amputated - Split

First and foremost let me congratulate the record label on their name as I must say I found "Identified By Dental Records" to be very amusing. This split CD is only the second release on the label and it contains two short releases from two brutal Death Metal bands.


LEPTOTRICHIA seem to be the more established of the two as the info sheet says they've gigged with YATTERING and SEVERE TORTURE amongst others. The info sheet also says that the gigs they have played have been well received and based on the strength of their MCD "Enjoy The Slaughter" I have no doubts as to the validity of that statement as this these four tracks are simply good Death Metal.


The riffs are of a high enough standard and are certainly enjoyable enough, yet the more I listen to it the more the initial effect seems to ware off. This is partially because of the vocals which to me sound very boring and too typical to be of any real significance. Their influences which are taken almost exclusively from American Death Metal is also another reason my increasing boredom as although the song structures and riffs are mature there are simply too many bands who do this sort of thing more extreme, more brutal and simply better. Saying that this still is a good effort and does indeed show a lot of potential.


The AMPUTATED half of this split for me is a lot more effective, quite possibly because I can hear a very distinct early CARCASS influence at times. Vocally and production wise AMPUTATED are much more brutal in their Grind tinged Brutal Death Metal approach and although their song structures and general riff bank is a lot more repetitive and less mature and developed than LEPTOTRICHIA the overall effect is much better.


AMPUTATED's half of this split sounds a lot more honest, aggressive and down right brutal. Added to this the music doesn't wear off at all, rather the reverse happens and it grows a little more on you with each listen. The overall effect of this half of the split is just that little bit more extreme, that little bit more gruesome and that little bit more promising. (Online April 25, 2004)

Niall Kennedy

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