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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - MASI, ALEX - In The Name Of Mozart

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Masi, Alex - In The Name Of Mozart (9/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Instrumental
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 44:14
Band homepage: Masi, Alex


  1. Allegro From Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K. 525
  2. Romanza From Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K. 525
  3. Allegro C K. 525
  4. Guitar (Piano) Concerto #24 C Min K. 491
  5. Rondo’ A La Turca K. 331
  6. Andante K. 545
  7. Thema With 12 Variations D K. 284
Masi, Alex - In The Name Of Mozart

The best thing about being a worker here is that challenges and surprises are an everyday procedure, maybe not to everybody in the staff but that’s how I perceive things at the moment. I’ve written some reviews so far and covered many bands, some traditional while others have been more twisting experiences. This is the first time I get a taste of how it’s like to review something completely different.


I don’t know his past works, I don’t know much about this guy at all, but Alex Masi is a musical genius on this inspiring album. Masi has an artsy background. He was born in Venice Italy. Early on in his life his father urged him to follow his own creative path, which he certainly has done so far. After graduating from Verona Conservatory of Music, he started to forge his own music. He has played in various Metal/Rock bands (the most prominent being DARK LORD), released a couple of solo albums, toured with the likes of SLAYER, HURRICANE and Joe Satriani. He’s also been nominated for a Grammy for “Best Rock Instrumentalist” and studied ethnical music, jazz music and classical music, Masi is no guitar rookie I assure you.


The CD is called “In The Name Of Mozart”, a cover CD played by this genuine Italian artist. I’m not going to pretend like I know Classical Music, no way. I know some artists like Mozart, Tchaikowsky, Vivaldi and Bach, which MASI HAS covered in another CD called “In The Name Of Bach”. Classical Music is historical and untouched art, it’s ancient, flexible, it can be adapted into so many arrangements from different genres. Various Metal bands are constantly using classical music but on this recording there’s only one man and his acoustic guitar playing some of the finest classical pieces written by the glorious German composer.


On the fourth track the Stuttgart Symphony Orchestra joins Masi to add even more class to the sophistication of the arrangements; if you need to unwind or relax this is the perfect track to settle down and collect your thoughts back together.


Not for every occasion but if you’re searching for some acoustical classical music or just want to distant yourself from all the Metal madness (now why would you wanna do that? haha), “In The Name Of Mozart” should be helpful. No Metal but still there’s only quality in here; the playing is virtuous, the intricacies in every composition are played with honourable passion and greatness... I’m a Metalhead but goddamn how I love this shit!!! (Online April 25, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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