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Ravenous, The - Blood Delirium (1/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Red Stream
Playing time: 35:34
Band homepage: Ravenous, The


  1. Razor Blade Salvation
  2. Mordum
  3. August Underground
  4. Gore Whore
  5. Baptized By Demons Piss
  6. Nightmares In A Damaged Brain
  7. Festering Beneath The Fog
  8. A Corpse Is Forever
  9. Blood Delirium
  10. Spawned By Ghoul Insemination
  11. You Will Be Eaten Alive
Ravenous, The - Blood Delirium

Some musicians should continue to concentrate on their main bands and save the world from their side projects and their releases. Part of these funny folks also are Chris Reifert (ex AUTOPSY, ABSCESS) and Killjoy (a.o. NECROPHAGIA), who have shit out their third CD of their project THE RAVENOUS. Yes, you have read correctly: shit! That’s the only expression I could give this acoustical special refuse.


Simplest structures, here faster, there slower, unnerving from the beginning to the end. Additionally the “songs” are enriched with a lot of samples from some horror flicks. What sounds really good with MORTICIAN turns into a bad joke with THE RAVENOUS. Who needs it as uncommercial as possible, has come to the right address, all others: hands off!!! (Online April 26, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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