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Demons To Prefer - The Stolen Rat Recordings ‘03 (6,5/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Dark Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 18:37
Band homepage: Demons To Prefer


  1. Instant Access To Darkness
  2. It All Ends Here
  3. Enter Utopia >mp3
  4. Paranoia King
  5. Demons To Prefer
  6. It Crawls >mp3
  7. Negative Operations >mp3
Demons To Prefer - The Stolen Rat Recordings ‘03

DEMONS TO PREFER, you rather prefer something hefty, don’t you? Even more so as the band members before had been part of the pretty heavy Thrash Metal band THORNCLAD, which had released an album titled “Coronation Of The Wicked“ back in 1999.


Well, with the change of name came a change of styles, because on “The Stolen Rat Recordings ’03“ we find a dark version of Rock/Metal, no Gothic, because for that they are not, well, Gothic enough, but with a more basic approach, also without any keyboards, Dark Rock or Dark Metal would most probably be the most befitting description of the sound of these four gentlemen from Linköping.


The songs themselves are pretty short and crunchy, seven songs in not even 19 songs, before you notice it, you’re in the second song (happens to me every time), so you have to be careful not to be at the end of the MCD all of a sudden, wondering where the rest of the songs have disappeared to!


The sound is a bit more dirty, as said, basic and earthy, especially Viktor Klint’s rough voice is responsible for that, which is as far away from any kind of sappiness as Lemmy is from a glass of milk. If I had to point out particular songs, then the very catchy “Enter Utopia” and the fittingly titled “It Crawls”, which has a doomy undertone and sounds even crunchier in Viktor’s vocals.


An interesting debut, which has one really strong track in “Enter Utopia” and apart from that also shows potential. The guys still have work before them, but “The Stolen Rat Recordings ‘03” is a good start for sure. (Online April 27, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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