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Van Halen - Van Halen II (9/10) - USA - 1979

Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label: Warner Bros.
Playing time: 29:54
Band homepage: Van Halen


  1. You're No Good
  2. Dance The Night Away >mp3
  3. Somebody Get Me A Doctor >mp3
  4. Bottoms Up! >mp3
  5. Outta Love Again
  6. Light Up The Sky
  7. Spanish Fly
  8. D.O.A.
  9. Women In Love...
  10. Beautiful Girls
Van Halen - Van Halen II

Honestly, What could be better than “Van Halen I”??? I know, “Van Halen II”.


VAN HALEN has once again set the standard for all guitar player oriented bands with this CD (or album when it was originally released). With songs like “Bottoms Up”, “Somebody Get Me A Doctor” and the huge single “Dance The Night Away”, the boys of VAN HALEN prove that they truly are the kings of guitar Rock.


The band will always produce great Rock’n’Roll and you always know that you are in store for some incredible guitar work for Eddie himself. If you don’t have this CD “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!”


You cannot go wrong with “Van Halen II”. (Online April 27, 2004)

Charles McLachlan

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