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Rough Silk - Roots Of Hate (9/10) - Germany - 1993

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: RCA
Playing time: 56:16
Band homepage: Rough Silk


  1. The Grapes Of Wrath
  2. Roots Of Hate
  3. In The Deep Of The Night
  4. Calls To The World
  5. When Thunder Roars
  6. Candle In The Rain
  7. Cemetary Dawn
  8. Sentimental Trust
  9. Wasteland Serenader
  10. Through The Fire
  11. Ups And Downs
  12. Why
  13. Eyes Of A Stranger
  14. Forever
Rough Silk - Roots Of Hate
We write the year 1993. I am on a purchase-crusade through my provincial capital Munich. There is still some time until the train goes back, so I make the decision to visit a department store with a CD-department. I rummage through the CD-rows and see "Roots Of Hate" of ROUGH SILK. I have no idea, why I take just this CD and head over to the listening-post, because the cover is somewhat repulsive (OK, not that bad, but still it is strange somehow) at first look, but we all know that to judge the book from the cover is very negligent, so don't let it put you off, because behind it you will get some music that is absolutely worth it.

So I listened to it and - WHAM! - wow! Finest Melodic Metal of the crisp kind, with great vocals and also some keyboard/organ-support, to further set themselves apart from their colleagues. Why hasn't anybody told me before that we have such a strong troop here in Germany? Well yes, no matter, I have now discovered them, seemingly it was somehow higher powers, that have escorted me to this CD...)...

After a short intro, yes, they've had those even back then, "Roots Of Hate" sets off the album in great fashion, crunchy Melodic Metal, driving and still stomping, one of the best German debuts of this style is on its way... The quintet offers us a very diversified cocktail afterwards that should satisfy every genre-fan.

Equipped with an outstanding production by ACCEPT-drummer Stefan Kaufmann the Hanoverians show as well that they master the straight Power Metal-volley (as my personal favourite "In The Deep Of The Night" oder "When Thunder Roars") just as well as the Mid-Tempo-stuff ("Roots Of Hate", "Cemetary Dawn") and ballads ("Through The Fire", "Why"), we get the entire palette in outstanding quality!

Beautifully crispy guitars, cranky organ-sounds, diverse and very well built song-structures, brilliant melodies and Jan Barnett's at the same time very melodious and at times pretty aggressive vocals join to an entire, that I still consider one of my favourite-albums of Melodic Metal, without ifs and hows.

Even though they have changed both in line-up and musical direction by now, this piece is timeless and actually should be found in each and every Melodic Metal-collection!

Alexander Melzer

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