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36 tablatures for Finntroll

Finntroll - Nattfödd (9/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Folk / Black Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 36:30
Band homepage: Finntroll


  1. Vindfärd / Människopesten
  2. Fiskarens Fiende
  3. Trollhammaren >mp3
  4. Nattfödd
  5. Ursvamp
  6. Marknadsvisan
  7. Det Iskalla Trollblod
  8. Grottans Barn
  9. Routas Vaggvisa
Finntroll - Nattfödd

That FINNTROLL are amongst the most original bands out there should be pretty much well known by now, the description as Folk Black Metal does not really fit too well either, because ever since the beginning one important part of the FINNTROLL sound has been: Humppa. Exactly, Humppa, a Finnish version of polka, which has been put to the extreme by bands such as ELÄKELÄISET.


That the band hasn’t really been favourite by fate shows the younger past, when at first singer Katla was diagnosed with a tumour on his vocal chords and had to leave the band. His follow-up as front troll was Wilska (NATTVINDENS GRAT, SETHIAN), with who they recorded the acoustic MCD “Visor Om Slutet“. Shortly after that the band got hit even harder when guitarist Teemu “Somnium“ Raimoranta died. The band was on the verge of splitting up (not surprising), but then got back together and at first released the MCD “Trollhammaren” and now has reached “Nattfödd”.


And this one shows a few differences compared to “Jaktens Tid”, beause they have turned a bit more epic and also uses some shout choruses, both elements that fit FINNTROLL very fine indeed. The opener “Människopesten“ has its intro “Vindfärd“ already implemented and after it sets out quite swiftly, with harsh vocals, but then also a Humppa part, as well in the melody as the rhythm, which basically could only come from FINNTROLL, while the keyboards bring in a more epic atmosphere, which fits greatly and the accordion also really belongs into this song.


The start of „Eliytres“ just just plainly funny, I cannot describe it any different, first Humppa, then Humppa Metal with keyboards and accordion, which’s rhythm threads through half of the song. If you can cope with Wilska’s roar, then you can only be set into a good mood, the second half is hymnic Black Metal with Humppa undertones, which re-surface at the end, while “Fiskarens Fiende” surprises with an epic chorus with choir, while for the middle they most probably recorded a drinking session in the rehearsal room ;) Strong opening trio and as next we get the top song off the EP, “Trollhammaren”, holy smokes, with accordion and Jew’s harp with a very swinging rhythm, FINNTROLL never had been so epic and gripping, especially with the big chorus, great!


The title track surprises with an acoustic break in the middle, before “Ursvamp”’s purest Humppa Metal tears everything with it that has not been put into concrete before! Then “Det Iskalla Trollblod“, more folky than ever, folks, this album is damn entertaining and gets better with every repeated listen! And “Grottans Barn”…


Anyways, FINNTROLL have developed, but still are as typically FINNTROLL as they could be, more epic, more folky, better, but without losing their roots, strong album of a really original band. So in this sense - HUMPPA! (Online April 30, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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