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ChaosBreed - Brutal (8,5/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 40:30
Band homepage: -


  1. Wretched Life
  2. Casket Ride
  3. Faces Of Death
  4. Moralized
  5. Rotting Alive
  6. Demon Skunk
  7. Shitgrinder
  8. Symptoms Of The Flesh
  9. F/C/D/C
  10. An Evil Eye
ChaosBreed - Brutal

CHAOSBREED are once again the evidence that Scandinavian musicians can’t play only in one single band but need to contribute in various ones. These Finns are none less than Taneli Jarva (THE BLACK LEAGUE, ex-SENTENCED), Esa Holopainen (AMORPHIS), Nalle Östermann (ex-GANDALF), Oppu Laine (MANNHAI, ex-AMORPHIS) and Marco Tarvonen (MOONSORROW). So, it’s a real allstar project, which plays Old School Death Metal. They already released an EP titled as “Unleashed Carnage” in 2003 and now follow this debut “Brutal” in April.


As you can imagine, the title of the record says a lot. The jaunty quintet opens the round dance of deadly riffs with the very good opener “Wretched Life” and already the second track, “Casket Ride”, is a true killer. The guitars are tuned down till it hurts, the same goes for Taneli’s voice. And the production is pressuring as hell. Their speed is rather Thrash Metal level and does it almost without blastparts, which is quite good for the songs in my opinion. The further playing of “Brutal” offers besides groovy Death Metal shells like “Moralized”, “Symptoms Of The Flesh” or the with a killer riff starting “Rotting Alive”, also a more rocky song like “Faces Of Death” or a more dragging song like “Demon Skunk” (cool organ at the end). “An Evil Eye” would I even consider as Doom Metal, whereby I don’t like this song exactly due to this reason. But it’s also the only song, which is a bit weaker.


Do I have forgotten something? Oh yes! When you speak about Scandinavian bands, it’s inevitable that there have to be some guest musicians on a Scandinavian release. In the case of CHAOSBREED, these are Uffe Cederlund (ENTOMBED) and Jörgen Sandström (ex-GRAVE/ENTOMBED) on the guitars respectively on some backing vocals, furthermore there is Kasper Martenson (AMORPHIS) behind the keyboard (probably that cool organ). You see: CHAOSBREED offer a lot of diversity and most of all, much freshness, although that they are an Old School band. I think, I don’t have to say much about the skills of the single musicians due to their experiences and importance. And it’s a pleasure to listen Taneli Jarva growling again.


Let’s hope that “Brutal” won’t drown in the current release overkill of the Death Metal scene. This record contains a lot of fun and heart blood. Who expects something new or innovating, will be disappointed, but who digs on Death Metal of the early 90s will like “Brutal”. It would be great, when CHAOSBREED wouldn’t be a one-time project of the involved members, although they have all said, that they want to concentrate on their current bands. At least I feel eager to listen more of these guys.


Check out tips: “Casket Ride”, “Faces Of Death”, “Rotting Alive”... (Online April 30, 2004)

Patrick Weiler

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