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Ark - Burn The Sun (10/10) - Norway - 2001

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Favored Nations Entertainment
Playing time: 56:42
Band homepage: Ark


  1. Heal The Waters
  2. Torn
  3. Burn The Sun
  4. Resurrection
  5. Absolute Zero
  6. Just A Little
  7. Waking Hour
  8. Noose
  9. Feed The Fire
  10. I Bleed
  11. Missing You
Ark - Burn The Sun

Try as one might to burn the music from ARK’s second effort from your mind, once you’ve heard “Burn The Sun” you will never be able to forget the songs that feed the fire inside any Prog Metal fans’ head. The album “Burn The Sun” hammers down song after song and full note after note of musical perfection in every song. Jorn Lande’s vocals are awesome to behold in each song. The power in his voice is one of the main things that sold me on this album and it’s a shame that MASTERPLAN scooped him up from ARK as between the two despite liking both bands, I would prefer to hear Jorn in ARK after hearing “Burn The Sun” for the first time.


As far as albums from Progressive albums go, “Burn The Sun” is perhaps one of the best I have heard and is definitely a frequent visitor to my CD player time after time and year after year. Songs like “Burn The Sun” are spellbinding with the composition of the chorus. Try getting that song out of your head after you’ve heard it, I doubt you would be able to. The production on the album is so crisp that in the song “Heal The Waters” when there is a coin dropped on a wooden surface like a desk, the first time I heard this I honestly looked around to see what had dropped in my room on my desk! Now that’s good production, fooled me anyways.


I could continue going on and on about how great “Burn The Sun” is, but why listen to my dribble when you could be listening to this piece of progressive perfection right now. If you are a fan of Prog even in the remotest sense, go and grab this album, you will definitely not regret letting ARK tie their musical noose around your ears. If you let this album pass by you’ll be the one experiencing absolute zero of the best that Prog has to offer. (Online April 30, 2004)

Dave Galbraith

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