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Endstille - Dominanz (9/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Twilight-Vertrieb
Playing time: 46:56
Band homepage: Endstille


  1. Dominanz
  2. Instinct >mp3
  3. Conquest Is Atheism
  4. Monotonus III
  5. Bleed For Me
  6. Monotonus
  7. Witch
  8. Worldabscess
  9. Crucified
  10. Endstille (Feindfahrt)
Endstille - Dominanz

First of all, I want to state, that I write this introduction without to have listened to this record. In interviews, the band always said, that they have a good attitude in terms of Black Metal. Rough, no keyboards, pure and... well, pure Black Metal in the end, so no symphonic children cradle crap but true, rough, dark music. One can promise a lot, letís listen to the reality but at least the cover looks like pretty uncolourful.


But I think, that the band has fixed themselves now. There canít be any concessions as on RAGNAROK or CALVARIUM. I expect hell on earth, not more! It hasnít to be a second ďHungerĒ, but nevertheless.


Now, I will put the CD in and lay back... and here I am back again. What do I have to say? Thatís that kind of music, I have missed. This is Black Metal as it is supposed to be. The band hasnít made any wrong promises, in contrary. They have kept on their own words and then some! This is really rough and really good. If you are a fan of bands of the Power Metal genre (what a wonderfully abusive term), you like keyboards, opera vocals and something else, then you can really stay away. But if you like stuff like JUDAS ISCARIOT, DARKTHRONE or older MAYHEM, then you should check this out. I donít want to claim, that they keep up to the level of that great bands, but who can actually do that?


Now to the instruments. The drumming is perfect. Really. Anything different would be an affront. Unfortunately, I canít say who exactly plays which instrument as their pseudonyms are a bit... original? I presume, that Mayhemic Destructor on the artillery is the man behind the drum kit, but whoever it may be, you have all my respect. This is traditional Black Metal beating as it has to be. Cruor makes the bomb hails (maybe also a tribute to the guys of SODOM?) and L. Wachtfels serves the storm gun. I presume, that this must be the guitar section and also there is everything fine. Unfortunately, in my opinion, is the guitar section a but overproduced. That may sound a bit funny as other people would claim, that there isnít any production at all. But I would have wished them a bit colder and more screamy. The vocals... just sit down, the vocals respectively Iblis with the advertisement, are wonderful. No annoying shrieks. Itís rather a shrieked nagging as you can only dream of. I feel reminded of mentioned JUDAS ISCARIOT.


All in all a great album and it has my recommendation. The topic here is war (which is totally legitimate as we know since Kanwulf :)) but at least all three printed song lyrics arenít to worry about. The atmosphere here is cold and aggressive but I had wished for a rougher production.


Check out tips: ďMonotonus IIIď, ĄEndstille (Feindfahrt)ď (Online May 1, 2004)


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