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Krokus - Fire And Gasoline: Live! (9,5/10) - Switzerland - 2004

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Warner Bros.
Playing time: 54:30/42:59
Band homepage: Krokus


CD 1

  1. Heatstrokes
  2. Mad World
  3. Flying Through The Night
  4. American Woman
  5. I Want It All
  6. Bad Boys Rag Dolls
  7. Tokyo Nights
  8. Strayed Awake All Night
  9. Down The Drain
  10. Fire
  11. Rock'n'Roll Tonight

CD 2

  1. Throwing Her China
  2. Screaming In The Night
  3. Rock City
  4. Easy Rocker
  5. Backseat Rock 'N' Roll
  6. Rock The Block
  7. Long Stick Goes Boom
  8. Eat The Rich
  9. Bedside Radio
Krokus - Fire And Gasoline: Live!

After the 86 live epos “Alive And Screaming” Swiss primal Rockers KROKUS are back with their second live offering “Fire And Gasoline: Live!“. And the DCD including DVD has turned out to be a round matter again. (Logically, which CD did you see so far that is not round?) (A shape CD? – Alex)


Basically you can say that the discs are a good best of with pushed applause. The big arena times of the band, when KROKUS went from success to success in America have been over for a while, so that the applause on the DCD could be real. Anyways, the album rocks like hell and that’s all that matters. Even the quite tame songs off the last studio album “Rock The Block” are a good bit heavier, as well as “I Want It All”. Apart from that we get a lot of old classics, while some favourites had to be left off. But that of all songs “Headhunter”, THE speedie is missing is pure blasphemy!


Oh yes, the music. Who does not know KROKUS, the band plays pure good mood Hard Rock of the sweat inducing kind, with a shot of LED ZEPPELIN and a lot of AC/DC (they will never get rid of this comparison). The live DVD as bonus, well, the Montreux Jazz Festival as place and time might have been a bit unlucky, but the performance of the band still is great. The sound also is damn good, so buy or die!!! (Online May 2, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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