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God Forbid - Gone Forever (7/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Thrash Metal / Hardcore
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 41:43
Band homepage: God Forbid


  1. Force-Fed
  2. Antihero >mp3
  3. Better Days >mp3
  4. Precious Lie
  5. Washed-Out World
  6. Living Nightmare
  7. Soul Engraved
  8. Gone Forever
  9. Judge The Blood
God Forbid - Gone Forever

Initially GOD FORBID was one of those bands that I avoided due to hearsay after several comrades had seen the band in its infancy open for IN FLAMES and NEVERMORE many years ago, citing that the band was terrible, couldn’t keep things together, the singer talked longer as they clearly were having technical difficulties. I am thankful at least, that on the new album “Gone Forever”, these accusations don’t hold true any longer.


Bias aside I quite like the new album put forth by GOD FORBID. The riffs that radiate through each song are quite catchy and memorable to say the least. Interestingly enough the band seems to be mixing aspects of Hardcore in with Death Metal since there are riffs reminiscent of hardcore breakdowns in the tracks “Anti-Hero” and “Better Days”. The riffs also have a cool melodic sensibility about them which adds a larger dimension to the songs, putting GOD FORBID ahead of stale run-of-the-mill Hardcore bands that ride on simplicity and a basic power chord structure of song writing – which at times can still be enjoyable. “Living Nightmare” has a very good Thrashesque intro riff and the rest of the song is well composed as well.


Production is clean and crisp, which is probably one reason my friends didn’t exactly enjoy this band live while they were still trying to find their sound. Now it looks like GOD FORBID has comfortably settled on their sound and hopefully will continue their path along these lines in future releases. Fans of LAMB OF GOD and the newer ARCH ENEMY would enjoy “Gone Forever” immensely. (Online May 2, 2004)

Dave Galbraith

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