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Theory In Practice - Third Eye Function (9/10) - Sweden - 1997

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Pulverised Records
Playing time: 37:35
Band homepage: Theory In Practice


  1. Submissive
  2. The Third Eye Function
  3. Astral Eyes
  4. Self Alteration
  5. Worlds Within Worlds
  6. The Expiring Utopia
  7. Theoretical Conviction
  8. Void Of Origin (instr.)
  9. Inexplicable Nature
Theory In Practice - Third Eye Function
This is TIP's first domestic release, on the notorious label Pulverised Records from Singapore, known for its flourishing Black/Death Metal-scene, lenient punishment system, and generally more-than-fair governing of its citizens...*Gabe gets a caning*...But let us push aside the bamboo shoots and spray paint cans for a moment and ask ourselves this question: "WHY release such an incredible METAL debut on a label from friggin' SINGAPORE?". Meditate on that thought a moment...

"Third Eye Function" is a superb blend of eclectic influences, brought to life via the Death Metal-idiom. It all centres around mastermind Peter Lake's incredible riff-constructions and polyrhythmic manipulation of the time. He has an innate knack of knowing exactly how long to churn away on an odd time riff, before suddenly slapping you and continuing onto yet another brilliant, bizarre passage. The riffs, while containing an underlying melodic sense, are very ATHEIST-ic in their jazzy dissonance, bringing to mind the seminal fusion masters THE MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA at times, especially in the acoustic guitar breaks. Check out the title track, that is some divine McLaughlin/DiMeola-worship! This guy has studied the masters well...

The rhythms are rather reminiscent of early MESHUGGAH, but not at all derivative, as some folks seem to think that any band using polyrhythms with Death Metal-vocals are directly MESHUGGAH-influenced. TIP do not do as much of the "13 over 4/4"-stuff as said band, but are rather much more random and chaotic in their approach, much more "Death Metal." The brutal drumming also illustrates this, as there is much more Pete Sandoval happening than Billy Cobham...(he played in MAHAVISHNU......nevermind).

The production has the typical Sunlight Studios-sound which, while not being BAD, isn't quite up to par with the music itself. The bass sound is rather thin, and the higher frequencies are too dominant, but it does succeed in having a nice "punch" overall. Skogsberg's production always reminded me of Scott Burns', back in the SUFFOCATION/IMMOLATION-days, with the guitars somewhat resembling bumble bees. It really is an acquired taste...just like Wes's mother'

While this album is nowhere near the calibre of it's successor ("The Armageddon Theories") musically, it is certainly a more-than-impressive debut by anyone's standards. The groundwork is firmly in place for incredible things to come, and with bands like this it's always a good idea to hear where it all started. Or, if you're resourceful like me, you'd get their ultra-ultra rare demo "Submissive", too, but I won't hold you to that...

Absolutely essential if you like what you've read, or if you just skipped to this last sentence and looked at my rating (cheater!). If you haven't even heard of this album, refer to my opening paragraph for the possible reason why ;-)

Gabriel Gose

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