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Neverland - s/t (7/10) - Switzerland - 2004

Genre: Melodic Metal / Progressive Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 21:49
Band homepage: Neverland


  1. Neverland >mp3
  2. No Time To Lose >mp3
  3. Express Your Servant >mp3
  4. Mysteria >mp3
Neverland - s/t

From Switzerland we get quite a few styles, but Power Metal is a rather rare treat so far. Apparently a group of young folks from Switzerland and Germany thought the same and founded the formation NEVERLAND at the end of 1999, whose first one is a self-titled MCD with 4 songs that just peacefully rotates in my player.


Six men it is and brotherly divided into German and Swiss, each of them already populating the Metal scene for roundabout ten years, so the expression “newcomer” is relative in the case of NEVERLAND. And this experience also shows, because performance wise the gentlemen deliver a tight debut.


The band hymn “Neverland“ sets out with a straight rhythm, keyboards and a certain symphonic touch, add to that a very catchy chorus, while in the interaction between riffs and rhythm they also show a certain progressive touch as well, which continues in the following “No Time To Lose“, which altogether is more at home in Melodic Metal and apart form some guitar fuddlings again features a very catchy chorus.


“Express Your Servant“ reminds me a bit of the known Swedish neo-classics and I am pretty sure that SYMPHONY X are not exactly unknown in the NEVERLAND camp, but without sliding into the role of a copy, a direction that also the closing “Mysteria” goes into. So basically I should correct myself now and say that NEVERLAND are not really Power Metal, but rather are a mix of Melodic, Progressive and Power Metal.


“Neverland“ has not turned out to be a highflyer yet, but then again one may not forget that this is the first release of the guys and for that it is pretty good. Best thing is that you’ll listen into the sound files yourself and then rank them yourself. I for myself like what they have on offer here. (Online May 7, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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