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26 tablatures for Rotting Christ

Rotting Christ - A Dead Poem (10/10) - Greece - 1997

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 47:30
Band homepage: Rotting Christ


  1. Sorrowful Farewell
  2. Among Two Storms
  3. A Dead Poem
  4. Out Of Spirits
  5. As If By Magic
  6. Full Colour Is The Night
  7. Semigod
  8. Ten Miles High
  9. Between Times
  10. Ira Incensus
Rotting Christ - A Dead Poem
Most bands have a landmark album. An album that simply blows away everything else in metallic glory. An album that, when the topic of conversation switches to this band, immediately comes to mind. Kinda like "The Jester Race" or "The Gallery" or "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" or (insert landmark album here). Well, for ROTTING CHRIST (that band with the silly name), it is "A Dead Poem", the album that finally garnered the band some much-needed attention.

While "Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers" was mature, this album brings that maturity to a whole new level. Thick with melody and atmosphere, our Greek friends have written a truly spellbinding Dark Metal-album. Basically, the only thing that hasn't changed a whole lot is Sakis' voice. But then, it rather suits the music anyways. Of course, this album is also home to one of the best instrumental songs I have ever heard!

Behind the production this time around is SAMAEL-founder/mastermind/keyboard-guru Xytras. He also does some keyboard work on this album, which contributes to the overall cold and atmospheric feeling.

Words can't really do this album justice. Just listen to it. If you have not yet listened to this band, forget their rather immature name, and pick this CD up. You will not be disappointed!


As a bonus, Century Media decided to package this album with a bonus compilation CD, featuring other artists who play darker Metal. With great bands such as SAMAEL, MOONSPELL, ALASTIS, OLD MAN'S CHILD, and SENTENCED, it is sure to please fans of the genre, as well as open people up to many great new bands. More value for your buck!

Joshua Drover

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