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Masters Of Reality - Give Us Barabbas (6,5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Rock
Label: Mascot Records
Playing time: 41:43
Band homepage: Masters Of Reality


  1. The Ballad Of Jody Frosty
  2. Voice And The Vision
  3. A Walk Beside Your Love
  4. Belo Alef Rose
  5. Brown House On The Green Road
  6. Hey Diana
  7. Still On The Hill
  8. The Desert Song
  9. Off To Tiki Ti
  10. Itís So Hard
  11. Jindalee Jindalie
  12. Donít Get Caught By The Huntsmanís Bow
Masters Of Reality - Give Us Barabbas

First of all, this album has nothing to do with Metal. Second, this is definitely not my style. Acid Rock/Pop music has never been my cup of tea and thereís a logical explanation for that: I wasnít born and raised in the 60ís and ever since I got into Metal music Iíve never felt a need to step into this genre and take a look around. Metal or not Metal, I must confess that ďGive Us BarabbasĒ has ignited a small spark of curiosity in me.


MASTERS OF REALITY have a special sound that canít be put into words, Iíve been trying for the past weeks and so far Iíve only been able to come up with two associations: BEATLES and drugs, BEATLES because of the somewhat summer harmonies and cover of John Lennonís ďItís So HardĒ, drugs because of the weirdness that goes around in every song.


When I think of this album I get this crystal clear picture of a hippie gathering in the studio where long hair, drugs and free love is the main event supported by the sensual atmosphere of songs like ďBela Alef RoseĒ and ďA Walk Beside Your LoveĒ, so very un-Metal haha.


ďGive Us BarabbasĒ isnít a bad album. I wonít exactly hand it a trophy, there are some groovy and relaxing songs but like I said, this really isnít my field. If youíre craving for some good stoner music and youíve got a bong, some lovers and a stereo you might wanna seek this album. (Online May 7, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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