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Raunchy - Confusion Bay (9/10) - Denmark - 2004

Genre: Crossover
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 52:11
Band homepage: Raunchy


  1. Join The Scene
  2. I Get What I See >mp3
  3. Summer Of Overload
  4. Watch Out
  5. 9-5
  6. Show Me Your Real Darkness
  7. Confusion Bay
  8. The Devil
  9. Insane
  10. Morning Rise And A Friday Night
  11. Bleeding # 2
Raunchy - Confusion Bay

People across the globe raved about the first CD and I missed out. This time around I get a chance to hear the buzz and I must say that it's quite good. While people said their first release was more FEAR FACTORY sounding, I can tell that they tried very hard to remove themselves from that comparison and succeeded. While the electronic vibe like keyboards and atmosphere may sound like FF, the similarities end there.


This band takes off running on their own path and don't look back. “Join The Scene” is a song that bounces around from fast tempos with the rapid fire and tight drumming to a more laid back mid-tempo range that allows Lars Vognstrup to show off his singing capabilities. This opening track provides a great way to let out all of your frustrations if you are in rage mode because the track is fast and furious, but there are nice harmony vocals and spellbinding atmospheric vibes that will lure you in with the quickness. Slick guitar work is provided on this track and all through out the CD.


There is no slop being performed here. If you think that these elements that are mentioned above are going to make you think that this is Nu-Metal material, then you are wrong. This is Metal and then some. A lot of creative juices are flowing here and it shows. Each track is jam packed with unpredictability and I can only predict good things about this band’s future if they play their cards right. “Summer Of Overload” provides crushing guitar riffage that fuels the bands fire and the drums heads do take quite a beating here. I love the way that Lars is capable of swaying back and forth with his vocal capabilities. He can sing aggressive one minute and then be passive the next. The best part about it is that it flows with the music nicely.


The compositions are well thought out here and it shows. “Watch Out” is a real infectious number here with its danceable industrial beats and electronic atmosphere along with killer vocal patterns. All I can say here is that CD has surpassed my expectations and that's a good thing. This CD is packed with surprises and will appeal to fans across the board especially if you're into MACHINE HEAD, FEAR FACTORY and the like. This CD is filled to the brim with originality and any comparisons to FEAR FACTORY are long gone here. Listen and judge for yourself! (Online May 9, 2004)

Joe Florez

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