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After Forever - Exordium (7/10) - Netherlands - 2004

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Transmission Records
Playing time: 26:39
Band homepage: After Forever


  1. Line Of Thoughts
  2. Beneath
  3. My Choice
  4. Glorifying Means
  5. The Evil That Men Do
  6. One Day I'll Fly Away 


  • “My Choice” video
  • Making of "My Choice"
  • Photo gallery
  • Homerecordings @ studio
After Forever - Exordium

It’s been a while since this Dutch band has released a new album, but they’ve been careful to keep their name floating around by releasing a series of singles, and now, this new EP. This time at least, we get a CD full of new material (albeit a short CD) instead of a collection of songs that you probably already had.


”Exordium” is the first release by AFTER FOREVER since the departure of Mark Jansen, and incidentally, this album holds a lot less aggressive vocals, in fact, they only make an appearance on “Glorifying Means” so it seems that the band will focus primarily on Floor’s voice from now on. Musically, “Exordium” takes a different slant on their sound than their previous albums; the Goth element is downplayed slightly, although the orchestral parts are still in tact and Floor does a few different things vocally. There’s nothing so different on here that it should repel old fans, but still enough that it’s noticeable. For all the changes they’ve made though, while still competent, this new material falls short of their old material. It isn’t for a lack of trying though, but something’s missing.


The CD is rounded out by a paid of covers, one Metal (IRON MAIDEN) and, for a bit of variety, a non-metal one (RANDY CRAWFORD), and they’re both competent cover. I’ve never heard the original RANDY CRAWFORD track, but AFTER FOREVER do a good job performing the track, and they have an interesting, although not to far removed take on the IRON MAIDEN track.


Also included with this release is a DVD (which seem to be the newest trend when releasing a new CD), but it falls short. Outside of the video for “My Choice”, which, surprise surprise, focuses greatly on Floor Jansen, there isn’t much here. (Online May 11, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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