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Fracture - Masters Of Women-Leaders Of Men (9,5/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Kreakustik Records
Playing time: 44:42
Band homepage: Fracture


  1. Masters Of Women - Leaders Of Men >mp3
  2. Metalized
  3. Anytime
  4. Cages And Chants
  5. Burn In Heaven >mp3
  6. Satellite Schock
  7. Machine Gun Kelly >mp3
  8. Can't Get Enough
  9. World Order
  10. Down To The Ground
  11. Metal Steel
  12. Seven Orders
Fracture - Masters Of Women-Leaders Of Men

ACCEPT are dead and JUDAS PRIEST are off the line completely (“Pay Now-Jugellater“ and “Demolition Dread“ have been complete shit, no?). But as saviours in the biggest misery once more we get Mainz’ heroes of FRACTURE. With the Joey DeMaio title “Masters Of Women-Leaders Of Men“ the follow up work of 2000’s epos “Law After Law” blesses us. Thankfully not much has changed, apart from maybe that with “Burn In Heaven” we also get a ballad. And what a damn great hymn FRACTURE have created with this song, respect!


Apart from that everything is business as usual. Lt. Fred Fist aka “Uns Uwe“ still screams like Rob Halford with a monster dildo up the arse or like Hawk at the monthly boozefest in a badly reputed whorehouse along with the fitting music. Speaking of music: FRACTURE are still the usual straightness, they leave complex song writing to the others. But even though the songs go into the ear right away, you don’t get bored by it. Hardly anyone hates AC/DC either, or?


Simple riffs, cool melodies, old fashioned maybe, but damn fresh these 12 hymns. As said, fans of 80s ACCEPT and PRIEST or also TRANCE and TYRAN PACE will get what they are searching for with track such as the brilliant title track, then “Can’t Get Enough” with its short synth intro and intense chorus, the fast and powerful “Machine Gun Kelly” or…basically any song! (Online May 12, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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