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Gholgoth - Somnus Mortis Imago (8/10) - Hungary - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Ordealis Records
Playing time: 37:53
Band homepage: Gholgoth


  1. Oracle-Orage-Odium…
  2. Absurdum
  3. As Catharsis Ends In Dismay
  4. Dead Star
  5. Campana Funebris (Somno Solvitur)
  6. Goath
  7. From Soul To Daemon
  8. The Scythe Is Only An Omen
  9. Somnus Mortis Imago
Gholgoth - Somnus Mortis Imago

The band GHOLGOTH was founded in 1998 by Zsolt Temesváry (bass), Attila Torday (axe) and Zoltán Molnár (vocals). Completely overwhelmed by the Scandinavian Black Metal scene they tried to establish something similar. In 2000 a further guitarist joined them, Tibor Kovacs and as drummer Endre Vigh who both came from the band DIAFRAGMA (!).


The first demo "Visional Enertia“ was already begun with the same year in November. After a 7” the second demo “Revelations Through The Veil Of Oblivion” followed. After that they did a lot of touring through Hungary and new tracks were written. French label Ordealis Records offered the band a deal for two albums. Consequently the present album “Somnus Mortis Imago” was recorded. Those who are into uncompromising black music somewhere between DARK FUNERAL and ENTHRONED should get this pitch black clot of hate. Technically the band is completely competent, as for evilness and variation they are at least superior to DARK FUNERAL.


There’s not only blasting here but the tracks all have a rather complex construction. However it cracks like hell and grabs you at your balls. Evil as fuck! (Online May 12, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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