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Within Y - Extended Mental Dimensions (6/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Karmageddon Media
Playing time: 44:19
Band homepage: Within Y


  1. Lost In Solitude
  2. God In Silence
  3. Remains Of A Shattered Illusion >mp3
  4. Things
  5. Injection >mp3
  6. Face Down
  7. Behold
  8. Silently Leaving
  9. Feeble And Weak
  10. Sacred Lies >mp3
Within Y - Extended Mental Dimensions

Now is it a good or a bad sign, if the label already hands out a label called “Gothenburg Metal” to a new band? Well, good as far as that you at least already know, what awaits you, but only listening in will clarify things.


WITHIN Y is the latest signing of Karmageddon Media and here we at least have one better known member, even though it is just a debut, this being the former GARDENIAN drummer Thim Blom. The three albums of GARDENIAN had been pretty much to my liking, so technically not the worst situation for “Extended Mental Dimensions“, even though the passage of the info sheet “Gothenburg Death/Thrash Metal with all ingredients you need” looks a bit odd…


With “Lost In Solitude“ we get pretty fast Gothenburg Death Metal, with pretty harsh vocals by Andreas Solveström, which reminds me quite a bit of AT THE GATES’ Tomas Lundberg (which for itself is not really a good thing as I can’t stand his voice!). “God In Silence” hits a comparable curb, a bit more melodic and variable, but again with the pretty monotonous voice, which in my opinion takes away quite a bit from the music.


“Injection“ then switches to and fro between Gothenburg Death with the usual Death rhythm and a bit less intense parts, while “Face Down” steps onto the pedal all the more. That they also can go at a different pace is shown by “Feeble And Weak”, the title track of the demo that brought WITHIN Y their deal with Karmageddon, more varied, with strong riffing and also very good leads, just the almost hysteric sounding vocals of Solveström pull it down again.


So the info was right, “Extended Mental Dimensions“ indeed has all that you need for a typical Gothenburg Metal album, but that in my opinion is just not enough. And the vocals, well, who likes Lundberg will most probably like WITHIN Y more than me, but still, this album is just average… (Online May 14, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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