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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - BITTERNESS - Marching Towards Infinity

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Bitterness - Marching Towards Infinity (8/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: G.U.C.
Playing time: 12:31
Band homepage: Bitterness


  1. Nighttime Solitude
  2. Crimson Serenade
  3. Marching Towards Infinity
  4. Utopia: Life
Bitterness - Marching Towards Infinity

As many people know, Thrash Metal is not really my cup of noodle, many folks can attest to that. And as much as I cannot really figure out why, here and there comes out a band that even I like and since Summerbreeze (or had it been Bang Your Head) 2002 there is a German band that I like quite a bite, BITTERNESS.


After two full long players on their own, “Dawn Of Golden Blood“ and “Sweet Suicide Solutions“, the guys now have a co-production with small label G.U.C. out, a vinyl EP titled “Marching Towards Infinity“, with four songs, which is all new, so a quite productive bunch we have here.


Side A consists from “Nighttime Solitude“ and “Crimson Serenade“, of which the first one sets out with a great lead, before they unleash the heavy Death/Thrash inferno, with great riffing and powerful drumming, while Frank Urschler’s vocals do not sound so much like Thrash Metal anymore, but also take in a healthy dose of Death Metal. All in all a great track, heavy, intense, but also with great melodies and tremendous power in the guitars and especially the drums! “Crimson Serenade”’s riffing more than once looks towards Sweden, which also fits the BITTERNESS sound very well, as they also step down a notch here and there. Looking at the whole thing, they have taken up a lot more heavy Melodic Death elements, which at times completely overshadow the old Thrash, but without getting too close to the genre leaders.


The second side contains the title track and “Utopia: Life“ and even though some folks might call me deaf, the beginning reminds me quite a bit of AMON AMARTH and my ears like that, hehe, slower and more intense, very melodic, but without compromising the heaviness, not least because they get quite a bit heavier and faster to present us with almost pure Melodic Death/Thrash, which is continued with closing “Utopia: Life“, with good melodies, but also a lot of heaviness, not looking for immediate catchiness.


Well, I must say that this 7“ really surprised me, very much in fact, this style correction towards Melodic Death Metal has done BITTERNESS good and the union with the Thrash they had been known for before sounds damn good, very powerful and thought through, this one is limited to 500 copies and is available for just 5 Euro plus 2 Euro packaging, so get it now! (Online May 15, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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