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Suffocation - Pierced From Within (8,5/10) - USA - 1995

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 45:29
Band homepage: Suffocation


  1. Pierced From Within
  2. Thrones Of Blood
  3. Depths Of Depravity
  4. Suspended In Tribulation
  5. Torn Into Enthrallment
  6. The Invoking
  7. Synthetically Revived
  8. Brood Of Hatred
  9. Breeding The Spawn
Suffocation - Pierced From Within
SUFFOCATION just might have been at the top of their game here in many ways. After the somewhat disappointing (but still decent)-"Breeding The Spawn" effort, they quickly bounced back with a definite winner in "Pierced From Within". Where the previous album COULD have been a masterpiece with a decent production, this one not only boasts a sublimely brutal production, but several other notable improvements as well.

First, Frank Mullen's vocals have improved tenfold from "BTS", they sound as are brutal as ever, but (when listened to while reading the lyrics ;-)) are also somewhat decipherable. The compositions are tight, intense, focused, and containing a grab-bag of dense, manic riffs and solos that the bionic Hobbs/Cerrito-duo were so famous for. The band acquired a new drummer in "Doug" here (never found out his last name), and he definitely does the job well. He's no Dave Culross, but he does the job, especially on the band's welcome re-recording of the title track from "Breeding The Spawn", which truly shows how incredible that album could have been.

My favourite track would have to be "Torn Into Enthrallment", which begins with a clean-guitar intro, not a common practice for SUFFOCATION, but it works wonders for dynamic shade here, especially when the imminent heavy riffs kick in. There is a good balance of fast and slow as well. One of the things that, in my eyes, helped SUFFOCATION earn the tag "most brutal band on the planet" (back in the day, anyway) was their use of chunky, heavy riffs with lightning-fast blast-passages, coupled with their amazing technicality. Throw in Mullen's demonic vox and you've got yourself one fine slab of Death! This could also be called "Brutality 101"...

Gabriel Gose

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