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Crest Of Darkness - Evil Knows Evil (4/10) - Norway - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music
Playing time: 45:09
Band homepage: Crest Of Darkness


  1. Chapter One
  2. Inexplicable Bloodthirstiness >mp3
  3. From The Shadows
  4. Black Hole Mystery
  5. Power Of Hate
  6. The Lust
  7. As A Part Of Your Universe >mp3
  8. Cosmic Terror
  9. The Greatest Gift
  10. Warhead 666
Crest Of Darkness - Evil Knows Evil

Ingar, Ingar, what are you doing? After you had been in CONCEPTION as a really outstanding musician, your now own band CREST OF DARKNESS can never keep up to this. Okay, it’s aggressive, wonderful, satanic but unfortunately also too tricky. I don’t mean that in a sophisticated sense, no, I find it rather annoying. What do I need brutal, evil songs, which can’t capture me – they rather bore me?


The best song is then the blast song (“Warhead 666”), but it’s placed at the end of the album and unfortunately, I already felt asleep with “The Lust”... That’s sad as the last album of CREST OF DARKNESS, “Project: Regeneration”, which I knew, is much better than this. Needs nobody – there are way better alternatives...


The CD is available at for 13 Euro (plus shipping), if you send an order email to, stating "Order from The Metal Observer reader" in the subject, you will get this CD for 10 Euro (plus shipping)! (Online May 16, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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