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Frostburn - My Scars (8/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 19:30
Band homepage: Frostburn


  1. Crucify My Heart
  2. Ode For My Pain >mp3
  3. Cruelty Of Love
  4. Embrace Me (Die For Me) >mp3
Frostburn - My Scars

FROSTBURN, what a cool band name, evokes images of cold landscapes and frozen summers, those images only could came from one place, Finland of course. This band from Finland is doing what seems to be the everyday bread fro Finnish musicians, Gothic Metal.


FROSTBURN is playing Gothic Metal in the vein of their compatriots CHARON, TO/DIE/FOR and FOR MY PAIN…, this Demo contains 4 songs full of catchy Gothic Metal tunes for the brokenhearted and soulwounded. The cover art of the demo is quite good and the overall presentation is pretty decent too, even though it’s a burned CD-R copy. The production is not top-notch and that’s a shame because the music is excellent.


The demo starts with “Crucify My Heart”, a fast paced song, really catchy, one thing that stands out is the vocals of Jarno Markus, which remind me a lot of J-P Leppäluoto of CHARON, some female backing vocals can be found in this song. “Ode To My Pain” is another cool song, less catchy than the previous, but with the same Finnish Gothic spirit, “Cruelty Of Love” is a fantastic mid-paced melancholic song, in this one the female vocals gain more notoriety, the song clocks around 7 minutes and is a great gloomy Gothic song. The demo ends with “Embrace Me (Die For Me)” another catchy song with some mellower moments here and there.


Maybe this is not the most original band, because the resemblance to CHARON and FOR MY PAIN… is really notorious, but as recurring the style might be, this sounds very good and I know of people that can’t get enough of this accessible type of Metal. So, what’s in the future of FROSTBURN? I sense a record contract, because the Gothic Metal wave is still with the switch ON, so they might just get in the train before it stops. (Online May 18, 2004)

Enrique Congrains

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