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Time Machine - Reviviscence (8,5/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Sensory
Playing time: 52:16
Band homepage: Time Machine


  1. Obscurity Within
  2. Rotten Souls >mp3
  3. Reviviscence
  4. Sator
  5. Angel Lucifer
  6. Burning Crosses
  7. Grains Of Sand
  8. Alhambra
  9. Tears Of Jerusalem
  10. The Calling
  11. Seeds Of Revolution >mp3
  12. Revelation
Time Machine - Reviviscence

Lorenzo Dehó and company are back, with the follow-up to their “Evil – Liber Primus“ album, titled “Reviviscence – Liber Secundus“, so the second book (six years of Latin have to have been good for something, hehe). And again the line-up has been jumbled around, this time singer Marco Sivo and guitarist Gianluca Galli (also MANTRA) are new in, another tradition in the house of TIME MACHINE – line-up changes.


Anyways, “Reviviscence“ is, as already mentioned, is the second part out of three, more precisely the “Eymerich Trilogy” and as with the previous album already, they are offering a great mix of demand and accessibility and that is the red line threading through “Reviviscence” as well, which almost seamlessly continues, where “Evil” had left off.


After an intro „Rotten Souls“ sets out with heavy double-bass and fiery Prog guitar runs, so that you almost have the feeling of having the wrong CD in the player, but shortly after it gets pretty clear (despite the new singer) that it indeed is TIME MACHINE, demanding in structure and technics, but at the same time so very catchy and accessible, so that you do not have to be a die hard Prog fan to find your way into the album. Also the following title track can fully convince, rather slow to stomping, with a great chorus including atmospheric keyboards in the background, very strong!


And these are only two examples for the musicianship of the Italians, “Grains Of Sand” delivers heavy riffing with a sluggish rhythm, “Tears Of Jerusalem” a sitar at the beginning, overall being a good bit darker, and the closing duo “Seeds Of Revolution“ and “Revelation” is surprisingly swift for Prog. In between we still have the very emotional acoustic instrumental “Alhambra”, following the title sounding very Spanish, with lead acoustic guitars over “regular” acoustic guitars, sounds very interesting, I must say.


As already tradition from the previous albums, the production is to notch, I cannot say anything about the visual side as I only have an advance copy, but as I know Lorenzo there won’t be anything to worry about here either :)


Who knows TIME MACHINE, will know that one can expect Prog Metal of a very high quality and who likes this style and has not heard anything from these Italians so far, well, then it is more than just about time to change this and get “Reviviscence“ and following that also the rest of the CDs! (Online May 21, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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