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More about Metal Militia

Country of origin: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Founded: 1999
Status: Active
Official homepage: Metal Militia

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Band History - Metal Militia (Online May 2004)

Metal Militia

METAL MILITIA a Ft. Lauderdale, FL based Heavy Metal band formed in 1999 have been called the “Next Generation of Metal” by magazines from around the world including Rock Hard (Germany), The Metal Observer (Germany) Metal Integral (France), Heavy Metal Forces (Japan) and US based Metal Edge and Pit magazines. Known for their special blend of European Thrash mixed with American Hardcore sound, METAL MILITIA was catapulted onto the national music scene in 2003 with their Debut CD “Perpetual State Of Aggression” earning the band two Grammy® Considerations in the Best Metal Performance and Best Rock Album categories.


Performances on nationally known festivals including Locobazooka! ( where METAL MILITIA was selected to perform as a “future star” with 15,000 people in attendance playing along side National Recording artists STAIND, SEVEN DUST, ILL NINO, LACUNA COIL, SMILE EMPTY SOUL just to name a few. The band known for its hard work ethic has spent the past two years touring the South East through the Midwest with stops at Milwaukee Metal Fest, March Metal Meltdown V finding themselves as a supporting act for great bands LIKE GOD FORBID, SWORN ENEMY, SPINESHANK, 40 BELOW SUMMER and showcasing their music at the 2003 Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta, GA. Rounding out the band is Jason Mooney (2002 Drum finalist) for SLAYER, Chris Manning whose speed and amazing skill as lead guitarist elevates the band to a new level of playing followed by George Buritica on rhythm whose back up vocals adds a new dimension to the band sound.


As spring 2004 approaches, the band is gearing up for a busy tour schedule with shows on Sun N Steel Metal Festival, Tampa, FL in March, NJ March Metal Meltdown and Sick As Sin Metal Fest in Lowell, MA. In April the band returns to Florida to begin pre-production on their sophomore album with a special 4 songs EP sampler schedule for release this summer. METAL MILITIA has proven that persistence, focus, drive and endless promotion pays off with an ever growing fan base expanding around the country and throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. National and foreign media and internet radio are tracking this evolving group predicting they are the next generation of Metal and Hardcore music to break through the barriers and bring their intense stage show and music to the masses.

Current Line-Up:
Paolo Gregoletto – Vocals & Bass
Jason Mooney – Drums
George Buritica – Rhythm Guitar & Back Up Vocals
Chris Manning – Lead Guitar

Previous members:
Chris Reiser – Lead Guitar (on “Perpetual State of Aggression”)
Nick Phares – Drums (on “Perpetual State of Aggression”)
Mike Alber – Rhythm Guitar (on “Perpetual State of Aggression”)


Perpetual State Of Aggression 

Paolo Gregoletto – Vocals & Bass
Chris Reiser – Lead Guitar
Mike Alber – Rhythm Guitar
Nick Phares - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review
"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Perpetual State Of Agression" - Sonic Wave International

Total playing time: 45:31
  1. Darkest Days
  2. Arbitrary
  3. Perpetual State Of Aggression
  4. Sick Of It All
  5. Six String Suicide
  6. Slave Of Darkness
  7. The Feeder
  8. Omnicide
  9. Machines Of War
  10. The Impending Holocaust


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