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Timesand - Diary Of Hate (6/10) - Macedonia - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 17:13
Band homepage: Timesand


  1. Diary Of Hate
  2. Towards The Absolute
  3. Pale Eternity
  4. Savage Tears
Timesand - Diary Of Hate

And finally a premiere again, Metal from Macedonia! TIMESAND is the band that introduces itself here with its 4 tracker “Diary Of Hate”. Formed only in 2003 the guys from the former Yugoslav republic worked fast and unleashed their first demo onto the scene after just four months of existence. Unfortunately that’s about it with information about this band, because the homepage is not exactly helpful in this direction (has been updated by now, but at the time of the review it had not been)…


Well, the quintet basically plays relatively traditional Heavy Metal, but without sounding outdated in any way, quite the contrary, the guys sound really nicely fresh, with one letdown, though, which I will come to in a moment. A spoken sample introduced the opening title track, resulting in a mid-paced track with great riffing (and great guitar work overall), good drive and…pretty weak vocals. Yes, singer Baltic doesn’t only drown pretty much in the mix, but also lacks power and expression, thus dragging down a strong song, unfortunately.


The same goes for the altogether very tight and dynamic “Towards The Absolute”; where the guitar work once more has to be pointed out, just like with the dynamic and very powerful “Pale Eternity”, where even the vocals have a bit more expression and at least partly adjusts to the powerful mid tempo, very good track! Closing off is a pretty atmospheric instrumental titled “Savage Tears”.


It’s always a pity to see, when a band with a lot of potential is pulled down by one link, thus diminishing the listening pleasure quite a bit. Still I’d advise all fans of this style to check out the songs on the homepage, because purely musically they are absolutely worth it! I expect new deeds with hopefully also adequate vocals, with better vocals this would get two points more! (Online May 23, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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