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Gory Blister - Art Bleeds (8/10) - Italy - 2003

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Sekhmet Records
Playing time: 29:41
Band homepage: Gory Blister


  1. Primordial Scenery
  2. As Blood Moves
  3. Art Bleeds
  4. Mermaids Beloved
  5. Anticlimax >mp3
  6. Cognitive Sinergy
  7. Snowfall
  8. A Gout From The Scar
  9. Comet... And Her Trail Of Spiritual Dust
Gory Blister - Art Bleeds

Yesssss!!!! I am more than pleased to receive more good Tech Death Metal from France’s Sekhmet Records!!! KORUM already had me impressed with their album and now it’s time for GORY BLISTER to quench my never-ending thirst for Technical Death Metal!!!


One year ago there was a band called EXTOL who released a much liked album titled “Synergy”... hold on there I’m going somewhere with this. That album delivered compact Progressive Technical Death/Thrash Metal played to near perfection. This particular album lost me somehow, the arrangements seemed to be too technical for me, weird as I usually don’t have a limit for technicality. I just didn’t get into the album. I’ll spare you on the details (check the review somewhere in the database) and just go back to GORY BLISTER.


The style reminds you of the Norwegians but “Art Bleeds” is a much more controlled and better mixed (genre and arrangement wise) album. The crazy Italians play Progressive/Technical Death/Thrash Metal with lots of melodies lots more of odd time signatures and different time changes and even more of fabulous solo shredding!!! They don’t seem to be familiar with the word “laid-back”, every instrument is deliberately being pushed as the next passage begins, needless to say the musicianship is astonishing and explorative.


My favourite track is “As Blood Moves”, a super technical song with lots of small fills and a godlike Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P. bro) tapping solo. “Mermaids Beloved” is a short instrumental with surprising female opera vocals that don’t seem to get along well with the rest of the music, awfully mixed I might add. Thankfully there aren’t many of these vocals, they have a second spot in the track “Snowfall” but that’s about it. Male vocals have much in common with Evil Chuck’s high-pitched screaming on DEATH’s swansong “Sound Of Perseverance”, almost identical sometimes.


These guys must know about INTO ETERNITY and DEATH, their sound is pretty close in style; the songs are mobile and layered in the same style minus the keyboards and have an undergroundish quality though well produced. The problem with GORY BLISTER is that they’re stuck in one song mode, I wouldn’t mind to hear some more parts that don’t go a thousand mile a minute.


With just under 30 minutes playing time “Art Bleeds” still has enough musicality to satisfy tough critics and Metal addicts like myself. Play this whenever there’s a Death Metal happy hour around your corner!!! (Online May 23, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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