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Fear My Thoughts - The Great Collapse (9,5/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Lifeforce Records
Playing time: 43:22
Band homepage: Fear My Thoughts


  1. Velvet
  2. The Great Collapse
  3. Rituals
  4. Sirens Singing
  5. Hollow Inside
  6. The Architect
  7. Challenge
  8. Mission Immortality
  9. Norm AD
  10. Reign
Fear My Thoughts - The Great Collapse

After the two albums “23“ and “Vitriol” that were released through Let It Burn Records (SAVING THROW, SCARS OF TOMORROW, … among others) the new home is called Lifeforce Records (BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, …) and this address should be a well-known one to Hardcore fans as well. This hasn’t influenced musical direction of the deeds of FEAR MY THOUGHTS very much. “The Great Collapse” rather underpins the high position that this band not only has since yesterday and once again shows how highly technical and overwhelmingly brutal the Eurpoean Metalcore scene actually is.


With bands like FEAR MY THOUGHTS or HEAVEN SHALL BURN, who convinced my with their album “Antigone” (which by the way was released on April 26th 2004 in Europe as well) in a jiffy, Europe really doesn’t have to hide anymore from the superior force of bands from the United States. There’s not even a thought of hiding as “The Great Collapse” really makes a show of sharpness and massages the ear with the best parts of Hardcore and Death and Thrash Metal. Of course the ingredients are not the newest, however the concentration of overwhelming songs is already more than impressing and FEAR MY THOUGHTS just have the fine sense to pick the raisins from the metallic cake. Again and again you get to know bands that start with the same plan but often the result is very disillusioning.


So there are lots of uninspired and boring bands and only few can escape from this bad-smelling svamp. FEAR MY THOUGHTS probably only know this “death zone” by hearsay and though risking to repeat myself, this five headed troup kills without end. Besides tons of explosive riffs, hair-raising tempo changes and pounding drum salvos, the sleazy voice of vocalist Mathias Ockl enraptures again and again. He perfectly knows how to additionally stress the tension within the songs and he uses his voice very variedly which is a further plus for the songs. Want examples? Well, here you are!


Already the title track opening shortly after the intro is pure energy. After the beginning that can quite be described as groovy the hunt begins. Throughout a bit more than six minutes the pedal is pushed to the metal while much attention is paid to the necessary melodies as well. It’s generally striking that FEAR MY THOUGHTS like to make their songs unfold completely and thus aren’t stingy with the playing time of the single songs. So only the outro “Velvet”, the short interlude (sorry for the expression) “The Architect” and the compact “Norm AD” are exceptions, the length of the rest of the songs is averagely above five minutes. “Sirens Singing”, “Challenge” or the closing “Reign” are steam hammers like they shouldn’t be missing in any collection.


The influences are widely ranged and so fans of IN FLAMES, AMON AMARTH, GOD FORBID or of the eternally essential and cult AT THE GATES should like FEAR MY THOUGHTS, as well as all true followers and fellows from the Hardcore camp should be satisfied once again. “The Great Collapse” was recorded in Swiss Little Creek Studios where GURD or DESTRUCTION have already done amazing discs, for example, and so as for the production there are no signs of weakness to discover. So what does remain to be done except for congratulating FEAR MY THOUGHTS for this masterpiece and hoping that the listeners will honour this achievement in a decent way. (Online May 24, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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