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Tuatha De Danann - Tingaralatingadun (8/10) - Brazil - 2002

Genre: Folk / Power Metal
Label: Heavy Metal Rock
Playing time: 41:23
Band homepage: Tuatha De Danann


  1. The Dance Of The Little Ones
  2. The Battle Song
  3. Behold The Horned King
  4. Tan Pinga Ra Tan
  5. Finganfor
  6. Vercingetorix
  7. Celtica
  8. Some Tunes To Fly
  9. Tin Gara La Tin Ga Dun
  10. MacDara
Tuatha De Danann - Tingaralatingadun

If the cover for this album hasn't scared you off yet, maybe this will: TUATHA DE DANANN play a very interesting brand of happy-go-lucky, over-the-top Folk Metal reminiscent of ELVENKING, only happier. Still with me? Well maybe this will change that: TUATHA DE DANANN's lyrical content consists of songs about dwarves, elves, forests and magic. If you were able to get through all of that without running off or dismissing this band as rubbish, then you will definitely be rewarded for your efforts, as "Tingaralatingadun" presents us with an excellent blend of folk music, metal, and originality that few other bands can provide.


While some folk metal bands put too much emphasis on the folk aspect than on the metal aspect (or vice-versa), TUATHA DE DANANN mix the two perfectly, without ever making it seem forced. "The Dance of the Little Ones" kicks things off in fine form by creating an atmosphere that makes you feel as if you were taking part in the party on the album cover! To achieve such an atmosphere, instruments such as acoustic guitars, mandolins, flutes, whistles and violins are all incorporated into the music with great success. "The Battle Song" then picks up in heaviness while also using choirs to create a very enjoyable listening experience. The rest of the album varies from heavy ("Vercingetorix") to downright playful ("Finganfor", "Tin Gara La Tin Ga Dun - The Dwarves Rebellion"). Throw in some very appropriate instrumentals ("Celtia", "MacDara") and you are left with an album brimming with originality and life. While the lyrics are overly simple and juvenile at times, I would not want it any other way. They fit the music like a glove, so what more could you ask for?


TUATHA DE DANANN have proven that they can create incredibly catchy songs without sacrificing any musical proficiency. Anyone seeking a band with an original sound who do not take themselves too seriously should waste no time in checking out "Tingaralatingadun", you'll be glad you did. (Online May 28, 2004)

Nathanaël Larochette

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