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Killers - Le Côté Live (-/10) - France - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Brennus Music
Playing time: 73:49
Band homepage: Killers


  1. Medley
  2. Ametsetan
  3. Le Côté Sombre
  4. Illusion
  5. Arrantzale
  6. Clandestinité
  7. Délire De Mort
  8. Madarikatua
  9. Bienvenue En Enfer
  10. HM 2002
  11. Azken Agurraren Negarra
  12. Le Fils De La Haine
  13. Rosalind
  14. Killers
  15. L’Assassin
  16. L’Aigle Noir
Killers - Le Côté Live

French KILLERS are one of the most traditional bands of their homecountry and still outside of France one of the most unknown bands overall. 14 releases, including this live offering, their second one, and if you ask people outside of France, if they know the name KILLERS, then you get either the IRON MAIDEN album or the solo band of Paul Di’Anno, but with quite some probability not the Frenchies around bed rock Bruno Dolheguy.


As already mentioned, “Le Côte Live“ is the second album of the Frenchmen after “Ennemis De Public“ in 1996 and when you compare the track list, then six of the 16 tracks already had been on that album. The whole thing has been recorded in La Bastide Clairence and is almost 74 minutes long. Who knows this band also knows that they are among the most traditional bands of this planet, Speed Metal with an almost Punky touch is what KILLERS unleash among mankind ever since 1984. And the band never gave a hooha about trends or stuff like that.


One reason, why the band hardly received any recognition outside France, most probably are the lyrics, which are mostly French, partly even Basque, which should limit the potential fan base quite a bit already. Musically “Le Côte Live“ is a journey through the history of the band, where the 1985 debut “Le Fils De La Haine“ (Son Of Hate) is the most featured one.


The recording is pretty original, as the only remaining founding member Dolheguy puts a big emphasis on the fact that there have been no overdubs, which honours him and somehow it also fits the compositions of KILLERS, which come straight from the Eighties, even those that have just been recorded in the past few years.


But we do not only get a good cross-section of the past 20 years, but also a very well-filled booklet, which contains all lyrics, of the Basque ones we even get the French translations, plus the third issue of the “Killers Magazine”, the band’s own fanzine, with interview, discography, information, these translations and merchandise, of course everything in French, but here we at least get something for our money!


“Le Côte Live“ is something for newbies as well as KILLERS veterans, now the only question is, if you have problems with French lyrics… (Online May 31, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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