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White Skull - Public Glory, Secret Agony (8,5/10) - Italy - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Breaker
Playing time: 56:47
Band homepage: White Skull


  1. Burn Rome, Burn
  2. High Treason
  3. The Roman Empire
  4. Greedy Rome
  5. In Caesar We Trust
  6. Valley Of The Sun
  7. Anubis The Jackal
  8. Mangler
  9. Cleopathra
  10. The Field Of Peace
  11. Time For Glory
White Skull - Public Glory, Secret Agony
One thing right at the beginning: I had had no expectations whatsoever from "Public Glory, Secret Agony". If that now has been the reason, why I have been surprised so positively I cannot say, but it doesn't matter either, all I know is that it was a nice feeling :)

After the intro "Burn Rome, Burn", "High Treason" thunders out of your speakers and gives you goosebumps. Fast and crunchy Power Metal with quite deep, rough female vocals by Federica DeBoni and a good choir, there could rarely have been a better start. In the same waters are the little epics of "The Roman Empire", "Mangler" and the closing "Time For Glory". Powerful mid-tempo with some double-bass-attacks is represented by "In Caesar We Trust" and the almost playful "Cleopathra" together with "High Treason" surely is the highlight of this concept-album about the ancient Romans.

Yes, WHITE SKULL come from Italy, yes, WHITE SKULL play Power/Speed Metal, no, they do NOT sound like all the others, because they sound less synthetic (due to intelligent use of keyboards) and with Federica have a vocalist, who can engrave her own accent into this record.

Alexander Melzer

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