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Royal Hunt - The Watchers (-/10) - Denmark - 2002

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Frontiers Records
Playing time: 69:06
Band homepage: Royal Hunt


  1. Intervention
  2. Lies (Live)
  3. Flight (Live)
  4. Message To God (Live)
  5. Epilogue (Live)
  6. One By One (New Recording)
  7. Clown In The Mirror (New Recording)
  8. Day In Day Out (New Recording)
  9. Legion Of The Damned (New Recording)
  10. Intervention (Radio Edit)
Royal Hunt - The Watchers
The Danes' last album "The Mission" has not been out long, suddenly I get another CD of them, titled "The Watchers". It's not a new album, so what is it?

OK, that album had been introduced by an EP titled "Intervention - Part 1" in Japan, which had not been available in the rest of the world. "The Watchers" now contains that song, together with a second part that even the Japanese didn't have, making the whole song more than 14 minutes long. Then we get four live-songs, recorded in 2000, and four more tracks, which are re-recordings off their two first albums. Oh, and a radio-edit of the title-track is there, too, cut to six minutes. Altogether this makes 69 minutes of ROYAL HUNT.

OK, after having dealt with this, let's go to the music. As you can already think at the title-length of 14 minutes, "Intervention" is not the usual standard-Scandinavia-Rock/Metal, but we get more and longer instrumental parts, but without ploughing progressive fields. Who rather likes it a bit more handy gets the "radio edit" at the end.

The live-songs have been recorded in one piece, which I like far more than fades and sound-wise also are OK, I've never been a friend of live-stuff, but if it's on a CD I'll still take them. The re-recordings definitely have benefited from the better sound, musically they are a tad heavier, just like the earlier albums are overall a bit crunchier than the new material.

Looking at what you get for sure a good package, especially for ROYAL HUNT-fans, leaving the only question open: What will be the price in the shops...

Alexander Melzer

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